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October 30, 2005



I know exactly what you mean about your discomfort with the terms "felting" and "fulling". Dad is an old mill man - was a textile designer most of his life so I know which is the right word to use for the process. Problem is if I say "fulling" nobody knows what I mean and if I then explain why it is the correct term, they look at me as though I have two noses - both of them in the air :(

I think your tea cozy is darling and when I finally get a teapot I like, I'll be looking to make one too :)

Happy holidays!


What is wrong with you, Bron! Do you realize how bad you make the rest of us look with your super high speed knitting and crocheting. I am so out of breath from seeing all you've done!! The cozy is as cozy as the one in the mag (and, dare I say, I'm looking forward to seeing the next one *grin*).


I tend to be rather fussy about grammer... my mother was an English teacher before she got me.

I always use felting though, instead of fulling, because to me, fulling sounds awkward... I don't know why, it just does... so I prefer the word felting, even though it's technically wrong. (Of course, I also do tend to feel like I have to make my excuses every time I do, too).


I love the way the cozy came out!
several times aweek I visit your blog.
You are such an inspiration! Thank you so much for sharing your thoughts and pics!
In an earlier post I read that you hade ordered Gjestal Naturgarn from elann and I checked the prices there and it was almost 4 dollars for a skein. Here in Norway we pay almost 1,5 dollars for a skein.
Well, I will be stopping by soon! have a great week!

- Silja


Robbyn - I'm really resisting the urge to actively collect teapots. My problem is that there are too many that I like! I'd spend all my time making tea cozies for each & every one. A bit like the Mad Hatter I suppose! hehe

Dawn - I swear, I'm slowing down this week! Having to work certainly cuts down my crafting time. :)

Leisel - I know what you mean - "fulling" does sound really weird. I actually prefer "felting" but the stickler in me goes nuts. ::Grin::

Silja! Thanks so much for commenting - I love hearing from new-to-me readers. :) Especially those from very far away! And thanks for your kind words - you've made my week. :)

Elizabeth Fenwick

I love your tea cosy. I've been thinking about making one. But I've often wondered if they work well to keep your tea warm? Have you tried it out?


Hi Bron, dh brought home very interesting article on Samhain for me, made me think of you.

"Fulling" always sounds weird to me to, 'cause it isn't a word we use commonly, and the verb "to fill" is used a lot.

I want to "felt" or "full", whatever it's called, I want to do it to *slippers*! I want to make my own wool clogs. Oh, and the Sophie bag . . .


great cosy; love the flower! one of these days i'll get myself a teapot...


Nice to see a felted tea cozy creation..every kind of wool seems to shrink differently; I found the most reliable and tightest one was Paton's Merino.


Elizabeth - Yes, tea cozies work very well for keeping a pot warm. I haven't tried the one I made, yet - it's still drying. :) But I'll experiment & report back on my blog.

Cec - Fulling sounds really weird to me too so I don't know which is better. Saying "felt" that's incorrect but sounds good, or the awkward "full."

Jayme - In a pinch, it's a nice winter hat. ;)

Jewels - thanks for the tip. I'll remember that if I ever get really into felting. :)

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