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September 27, 2005



Hmmmm - comments. Unless the blog-author specifically requests feedback, I tend to try to be positive. There is usually something nice that can be said. If there's not, or if the item being blogged about (otherwise being a fine item, you understand) just doesn't trip my trigger - I usually won't say anything.

For my own blog, I certainly love comments but we all have those days where no one's interested or everyone's busy :) I certainly don't expect everyone who reads to comment every single time. What would they say? "Hi! Me again!" That said, it's nice there's a regular group that drops by most weeks and it's exciting when a new face (name) pops up every now and again.


Yep, same here. If I can find something nice to say (and I feel like speaking up), I'll comment. Even if I don't really like it, I can usually find something nice about it (the color is good, the cables are well done), and hey, if nothing else, "Congrats on finishing... I bet you're so excited!" I'm that way in real life, too, though, so it's not hard.

Also, I'm much more likely to comment if someone has no comments than if someone has lots already. I figure they're the ones that need the encouragement the most, and the more comments there are, the more likely you are to just be saying "Me too". Plus, I remember posts where I was really looking for some input, and got nothing, and how frustrating that was.


Leisel - I tend to do the same thing. If someone already has 20 comments, I'm less likely to leave on of my own - particularly if it's a "me too."

Robbyn - Yes - silence is (most) times the better part of valor.

But sometimes I wonder if someone shouldn't speak up about things that are truly awful..then again...I suppose if the maker/recipient is happy, then it's no-one else's business, eh?


I prefer to receive honest feedback.

When I'm commenting, I usually only say I like it if I really like it. If it's just "okay", I don't bother, and if I don't like it, I keep silent. Unless they specifically ask for honest feedback. I know some people like things that I don't, so I don't want to rain on their parade.


If I don't like something I tend to keep quiet unless an opinion is specifically solicited in the entry. I don't want to hurt anyone's feelings and frankly a picture may not do it justice.

I love getting any kind of comment myself and I think I'm a little crankier on days when no one comments. I am pretty open minded about constructive criticism, so that's ok too.


For the record I really like your version of Amelie ! I'd wear it if I thought I could get away with it. ;-]
If I think something is crap I tend not to say anything. Usually. Conversely,if I don't comment it doesn't mean I hate stuff. Some days are just too busy,and sometimes my brain isn't up to it !


I am looking for all types of feedback. I am a pretty straightforward person, so if somebody on my blog posted, " not my style." I don't have a problem with that.

If I am designing something I usually am looking for more constructive criticism, but rarely get it.

When I finish something, I am more looking for somebody to post with the same enthusiasm I had with finishing a project. They don't have to say, "gorgeous" to everything, but a pat on the back is nice every now and then.

I do hate it when my blog is so quiet I can hear a mouse....but honestly that just makes me produce more finished objects.

I think the more you knit/crochet the more people will hang out at your blog as people like to see finished things with lots of pictures.


I thought that was your hand int he photo?!?! Are you saying it is a prop???

You know me, I generally shot you an e-mail. It is just easier. But if something is really crap and you really want to let the person know, be polite about it and do it through email. Just say that it honestly does not appeal to you. You don't have to say that it makes them look like they 8 chins and weigh a ton.

And you are like the weather, wait 5 minutes and you have something new. I am still waiting to see what you have done with the Harliquin yarn. You must have something in mind for that now.


if i comment, it's because i like it. and honestly, if i post pictures of a FO, i really don't want to hear that it looks like shit, unless i ask for it. (in which case i'll say, i think this looks like crap ... is it me or does it really look like crap).

and even then. if it's not constructive, then it's really just one person's opinion, isn't it. and life's tough enough without people bringing you down over something that's supposed to bring you joy. ;)

by the way, i liked the amelie too.


Andrea - yep, it's a fine line between my taste & what I comment on. Sometimes I need to step back & remember just 'cause I wouldn't wear it, doesn't mean it's awful!

Thanks, Emma. :) Truthfully, I just think I dislike Amelie in mohair - it would look much better in the original cotton. :)

Wendy - "Yes" to pats on the back - we all need 'em & want 'em. And "yes" to silence making me finish more things. I definitely do feel pressure to produce - whether or not I "should" feel that way isn't the point. I do & that can be a problem sometimes.

Mia - I'm shooting you an email. ;)

Thanks, Maryse (regarding the Amelie) and thanks for chiming in. Yep - if I say it's "crap" first, then it's ok for others to chime in. BUT....I agree with you on the flip side... If you ain't gonna help, then don't comment! You're right - life's tough enough.


Hi Bron! Interesting topic. I read some blogs, skim some others, and comment when I feel particularly compelled. If it's someone I like and I hate their FO, I would prolly just not comment. If it's someone I dislike, I might snark it to some others behind their backs (woohoo Jr High). I might say something if there are multiple FO's in a post and I can say something nice about one and mebbe a "it's not for me" about the other. :)


I love getting comments, but I know that lots of people read my blog without commenting becuase they'll tell me later.

When I first started blogging, I didn't get a comment for over a month, and I was so happy to get my first one, so I do try to comment on new blogs, but only if I see something worth commenting on.

If there's something I don't like, I won't say anything.

My blog reading and posting has been spotty lately because I'm so busy with work.

The stole--great idea for Halloween-and the jewelry look fab!


Hmmm, interesting post. Gonna post my thoughts shortly. Love the bracelet!Now don't read into that that I don't like everything else ;)

Other Marcia

oh, so I see all the commentors are over here today. :-)


Yeah. Me too. :)


Happy belated birthday Bron :) I forget whether I wished you happiness on the day or not :) Hope you have a lot of fun with your bio mom :) Your jewellery looks terrific..and that spooky, spidery shawl..I love it :) Glad you finished the mohair..and that your bio mom loves it even if you don't (and that it's completed now so you can move on to lots of other things you'll love making more).
Regarding comments, when I see the picture of the fo, if I've said wow when I look at it..I'll comment..and say how much I like it..but all the time it took making the object has to be taken into consideration, so even if it's not for will be suitable for someone..everyone to their own tastes eh?
I love your blog Bron..especially your little winks ;) after some of your comments. I love the projects you make and your productivity which leaves me in awe.
I can't wait until you tackle Bette ( which is a particular favourite of mine ). I hope you do. I stared at that picture over and over :)


I'm a couple of days late in commenting, but I tend to be on the side of, "if you don't have something nice to say, don't say anything at all." But I also appreciate the time and effort the person puts into the project and that deserves a high five regardless.

Now socks are an issue with me. I know both you and I are non-sock knitters and when I see a sock come up on a post I usually don't even take time to read it (boo me!).

I probably put too much stock in comments and I must admit that I get dishearten that my readership has dropped since my hiatus and the advent of bloglines (how does one get that darn thing to work anyway?).

Now I need to scroll up and drool over your beautiful jewelry again. BTW, Amelie was just "eh" for me because of the yarn - but props to you for persevering and finishing.


Tiff - I snark too...occasionally...don't hate me for it. ;) I think junior high never really leaves us. hehehe

Yes, Marcia - try not to be jealous - it was just one day. ;)

Hey Jan - Thanks for the B-day wishes & the blog compliments - you're very kind. :) I'm staring at Bette too. Wonder how it would do in Cotton Ease? (I'm only half joking!)

Everyone else - I'm answering in email!

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