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August 28, 2005



Not to be mean, but I am sooooo glad to see that there is ugly knitting out there. I thought that it was the curse of crochet mags to only promote crap as "ooh, you just gotta make this to be cool". Thank you, thank you very much. I hate having garage sales, I'm much rather take it to Goodwill. Much less of a headache.


Kid mohair is the trick. Use the bra test. I just finished spinning and crocheting a 1 lb (fleece) for a shawl - very soft. It would have been wonderful as a vest too - but I wanted a shawl. Trust me - kid mohair. Soft. Enjoyable. :-)


I saw something similar to that poncho in the Family Circle Easy Knitting, it is a "shawl with sleeves." It really looked like a blanket with sleeves.

ps...I have a trick about garage sales. My trick is to not price anything. I figure if I would give it all to goodwill, anyways that I should be willing to give it away to people next to nothing.

So, people walk up and look at something, I ask them to make me an offer. If they do, I say sold, no matter what the offer. If they don't make an offer, I do ...until I get them to buy it.

I usually walk away from my sales with atleast $200 in pocket and nothing else to sell. It is strange, but it works for me. Just thought I would share. Of course, location is everything.


I agree with you about garage sales. Last one I had I made a whopping 40 cents, really. Now the kids and hubby walked away with hundreds. They will be having a sale next Friday, good luck to them. I will put a few things out, but, I'm not expecting much.


Dawn - I agree - it's good to know there's "ugly" everywhere out there! No-one has the corner on the market. :::Grin:::

Cathy - I'll take your word for it. When I get to the kid mohair part of the pattern I'll definitely report on my findings. :)

As far as the garage sale goes, we made $190 - about average for our sales - but the work portion just seemed too draining this time. We don't price either - and most things are practically give-aways. Yep - location is key - good thing we live on a very busy street!

Denise - This time it was our kids who made nothing - we had to share our wealth with the poor things. Yu-gi-oh cards, etc. - nothing sold. They were really bummed.


"wide & generous as a poncho."

And, why, pray tell, would someone want a sweater that was wide & generous as a poncho??? Not to mention one that's cropped? I think the ONLY way you can stand, even if you're model skinny, and have this look um... only mostly bad - as in bad design, but still allowing people to see that it's the garment, not the person, who is "wide & generous"... is the way they've got the model there. Do not knit this (even if you are skinny as can be, and think this is an interesting design) unless you are willing to hold your arms at weird angles up on the air the whole time it's on. *shudder*

That "novelty mohair yarn" sweater is another one that's bad for EVERYONE. Even the model looks like she has flat and saggy boobs and a "wide & generous" middle section.

And that filet crochet number? Save yourself some time, people, and just go buy a fisherman's net.

The designers and editors should all hang their heads in shame.


Leisel - Don't hold back, girl, give us your real opinion! hehehe No, really - I agree totally. I can't remember an issue of any knitting mag I've disliked quite as much as this one. These "themes" really cut down on choice & selection. Everything looks the same, so if you dislike one, it's a safe bet you'll dislike everything.

That's why I'm done with subscribing. I only like half of the mags that come out so I'll save myself a buck or two by only buying those!


I thought that cover must be "vintage" - v retro and v. ugly!

re: yardsales - my theory: generously give it away and by Law of Compensation (what goes around comes around) you will recieve back from the universe generously. (plus its easier) ;-)


Cec - Almost everything in that issue is either "retro" or "ugly" or both. I don't understand what they were thinking.

Hehehe...yeah - my theory too. What goes around, comes around, eh?

Lisa in Oregon

Dang...I'm so disappointed...was looking forward to the new Knitters...sigh. The pics you way. and the stripe/triangle thing? UGH. Dang.

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