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August 01, 2005


Lisa in Oregon

Girl, I would have had NO CLUE what the problem was and would have IMMEDIATELY assumed I was doing something wrong. Not that the pattern was wrong! Geez. Love it so far...and of COURSE it is cotton ease, what else would it be????


Seriously... how hard is it to check a pattern for errors? The author should have caught it, and if not, the publishing company should've had an experienced knitter look over it (or even better, test knit it) to ensure the pattern is correct. Independent knit designers do this, so why can't those who are making the big bucks by going through a publisher? I would've thought that was a benefit of using a publisher.


Hmmm... maybe an even better tactic would be to have an INEXPERIENCED knitter test-knit it. If they can get it right, then anyone should be able to.


Damn, I hate that kind of thing. I can usually figure it out but I really feel that I shouldn't have to. Annoys the pi$$ out of me :)


I have this issue of Cast On and was thinking of making this very cardi. Thanks for finding all the mistakes ;-) and the heads up.


Yep - Never assume, Lisa! 9 times out of 10, it's been the pattern screwing up, not me. So always double-check - even the "gauge" can be a misprint!

Leisel & Robbyn - Yes, it's SO frustrating 'cause I shouldn't have to correct what is really a glaring error. I mean, writing a 2 instead of a 3 is one thing, but leaving out yo's in TWO rows of the lace pattern is really inexcusable. I suppose I should've checked for errata before beginning, but it's probably too recent an issue to have any posted.

Theresa - So glad I could help! :::wink::: Any time I can be a guinea pig for ya, just let me know. hehehe But stay tuned - there may be more mistakes to come!


that should look really sweet now that you have ironed out all the errors!


I saw it the two photos, but though something was wrong on my side.

I never tried a pattern in Cast On, but I had heard that have lots of errors.

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