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August 23, 2005



What, is it a big surprise that you will be using Cotton Ease to knit a sweater with? You have the world's largest supply. I heard a rumor that Lion Brand was considering buying some from you ;)

And doesn't Dylan have an issue with Mommy teaching in his class since he can't call you mom in class?


Bwahahaha...that's me - a Cotton Ease Pimp!

Actually, Dylan forgets & calls me "Mom" in class - I just forbid the other kids from doing it too. hehehe


I think they should all call you "Mom". I know someone who has her dad as her first period math teacher for junior math. She has to call him Mr. XXX for that class only. That is his rule. The rest of the school day she can call him "Dad."


I join knit-alongs, but I shouldn't. I'm such a slow knitter that I'm usually one of the last done (including late joiners), and I end up piling so, so many projects up that it's frustrating. I'd do Kepler, though, if I thought I'd get to it in the near future. It's a great pattern!

I'm glad to hear Cotton-Ease shows off cabling well. I got some of the orange to make DS a sweater, and wanted it to be something interesting. I finally found a pattern at the Knit Happens online store called Hunter's sweater that I think would look fantastic in it. It calls for a smaller gauge yarn, though, so I'll have to knit a smaller size and cross my fingers it'll work out.


Oops... sorry for the double post. The system kept pooping out on me, so I was under the impression it hadn't posted.


Oooooh I wanna join. But I won't be able to get to it for a little while, darnit. I have some (well, lots of) denimstyle I was thinking might work. Was it you who loved the stuff too?


I STILL need to try out Cotton Ease... jeesh! The cabling does look beautiful! The Floral black piece with you modeling it looks wonderful too! How versatile! You better wear that alot this fall :)


I don't want to knit/crochet my stash down. That way, I figure I'll live forever. :-)


Leisel - yes, CE does cable well, just be on guard for stretched stitches. It's easy to pull one just a bit when you're cabling & they don't go back easily. :)

Tiff - the Knit Along is for the fall & winter - a delayed start is not a problem. :)

Dani - What've you been doing, girl? Get some CE & get crackin'! I have to give the black Floral cape away, but I might make another for myself. :)

Pam - I like your attitude. I think I'll adopt it! As it is, I should make to about 120. ;)

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