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August 19, 2005



Good Morning Bron! Lovely teapot (maybe you should unpack boxes more often)! My rule for collecting is "It has to be worth dusting." I love ceramic & glassware baskets, although I just have a few.

I'm sorry you lost a reader. What is with that? I enjoy the Variety of subjects in your blog (it doesn't always have to be about needlework) and your jewelry is fabulous. I really do enjoy reading about some of the other things that are going on. Life is that way!


What you lost a reader?!?! What happened, they decided they didn't like you? Oh well. I have the matching tea cup to your tea pot. Does that mean we can have a tea party? Is it a Royal Dolton? (You know I can't spell but you know what I mean.)

Lisa in Oregon

Well...I remind myself people will come and go in my life. It always seems to hurt some deep part of me when they go. I tend to be much to soft hearted, and losing a reader sounded painful at first...then I thought, you know what, I would rather have people read who want to be here. Probably the same with Bron. Their loss, dear, not yours. Post what YOU like, it's your blog, afterall. Hugs, L


Too different? *pshaw* It's your party, blog about what you want to! ;-) I love your blog, and I think that the variety of subjects is great.

I didn't reply yesterday, but as for my own collections, if miscellaneous *stuff* doesn't count ;-) I guess I don't really collect anything. I sort of collect books, but that's more of an accumulation than a collection... and I collect yarn, I suppose. But nothing particularly purposeful. I used to collect postcards, but eventually that got a bit, well, less than exciting, so I donated a bunch of them to an elementary school project and a bunch more to goodwill,and only kept the ones with notes on them.


I have decided I am not to fond of bobbles myself. I can do them in crochet, fine. However, I am working on a littled knitted hat (it is on knitty) and it has bobbles and lets just say that my hat is turning out nothing like theirs in the bobble department.


Margaret - Ahhh...the dusting! I, too, have to decide if it's something I love or just something else to collect dust. It's a hard choice sometimes!

Mia - you bring the tea, I'll make the crumpets. No - not Doulton, it's "Goldcastle - Made in Japan" so it's post-WWII. Very cute!

Lisa - I really do take it too personally - especially since Bloglines came into being. Although I think it hurt more when people "de-linked" me on their blogs!

Shannon - I, too, have "accumulations" of stuff. I don't know how it all gets here, but I really do need to weed things out once in awhile - to make room for things I really WANT to collect. :)

Wendy - I truly think bobbles are a tool of the devil. I've avoided them for most of my knitting career, so it's my own fault that I don't know how to do them nicely. Sigh. Just know you're not alone. :)


Hi Bron!

I think yer new sweater is great and I can't see any gross bobbleness. Thanks for the new sweater link...I am totally gonna knit that soon. Maybe I'll make it my next project :)


Oh, I'm so with you on the bobbles thing. Lucky me, I guess... I'm also not fond of how they look, so I'm not too likely to want to make a pattern where they're part of the design.

Thanks for the link to the cabley sweater... it's nice, although I would definitely make the body longer, the sleeves either longer or shorter (I'm so not a 3/4 sleeve gal), and a deeper neckline. Hmmm... does that many changes mean I wouldn't even be knitting the same sweater?


You have a natural talent for putting together great looking jewelery!!
And you're right, that Kepler sweater is stunning, simple yet elegant and unique looking.


Hey Tiff - No gross bobbleness 'cause I pushed the grossness to the back. Believe me, they'll pop back out at a moment's notice! ha!

Leisel - Hubbie said it would look better with another bit of cable going around the neckline too. Guess everyone's wanting to put their own stamp on the pattern. :)

And yeah - I've avoided patterns with bobbles too, but this one was just too good to pass up.

Jewels - :::blush::: Thanks! I really do enjoy making jewelry. :) Regarding "Kepler" - now I just need to find the right yarn!

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