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July 27, 2005



Congrats! It looks great. I can't wait until it DOES fit, and you can give us a modelled shot.

I notice while I was off on vacation, you were busy (REALLY busy) losing more weight - WAY TO GO! I, on the other hand, added a couple back on. *sigh* Oh, well... considering how much I ate, I'm frankly surprised it was only a couple.


Great job on her! The neckline does look great the way you did it!!

Happy knitting days! Can not wait to see your next projects!!


I love that colour - its a very cool FO for you i hope. it should not be too warm for you to wear, you warm blooded girl you! it'll look great with black underneath (haha).


Very nice!


Thanks, Leisel. :) I'll try & get a modeling shot when I've decided about the button(s). But right now I'm just glad it's DONE! ha!

Don't be discouraged over a couple of pounds gain - vacations are the WORST for diets!

Thanks, Kimberly - I'll have some crochet to show everyone next. :)

Nat- hehe - yep - it'll look great with black. The color is a stretch for me - it's part of my "force yourself to get beyond neutrals" plan. hehehe

Thanks, Stacie! Now on to many other things. :)


Rosamunde looks absolutely lovely - and that's a super color to get away from neutrals with :)


Its beautiful! And, in such gorgeous light! I want to see it on you now!


Absolutely beautiful! You simply amaze me how fast you knit!


Okay, now I have you in reds. Next color is purple. And what new yarn??? I know what yarn I sent you, is tht the new yarn? I am looking to see a certain new top, you know what pattern. I want to see that one finished. Rosamunde looks pretty too and I do agree one big button would look nice at the top.


Realy lovely !
That colour is going to look great on you.


This is the first I've been around to any blogs since being stricken. Dang girl, you been getting busy!

I love pistachio bob and might have to take a look see at that pattern, myself. And look at your skinny-ass self. Good for you!

Caren Pelletier

Gorgeous color and workwomanship! I can't wait to see you in it. How have you been lately? I'm blogging again after a long absence. Come on by and say "hello"! :-)


Robbyn - Yep - I think I could become a pink junkie really easily. :)

Thanks, Dani - As soon as I get a button on the dang thing, I'll post a pic with me in it...maybe even with my face showing! ha!

Margaret - It's amazing what you can accomplish when you ignore everything else & just knit. ;) My family doesn't really NEED to eat...hehehe

Yep, Mia - I know which pattern. :) I need to take a look at it & see if I want to start it now or wait.

Thanks, Emma. :) I can't wait until it's cool enough to wear it!

Marcia - Now that's a girlfriend - calling me a skinny-ass! Thanks! And Bob would look great on you - seriously.

Caren - Welcome back to blogdom! Glad that all is well & you're ready to get back into the swing of things. :)


So pretty!!!! I can't wait to see you wearing it!


It looks wonderful--I agree with the single (fabulous) button at the top. Simple and functional. Yippie for new yarns!


Thanks Susan & Dawn - I'm going button shopping very, very soon. :::grin:::


Congrats Bron :) Rosamunde was definitely worth the wait. She's gorgeous. Can't wait to see the modelled shot :) I do like the faster load of your blog too but I'd rather wait..and be able to see your full-size photos.

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