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July 22, 2005



Your sweater looks beautiful Bron :) Thanks for the info on Hitchhiker's. I've put the cassettes on reserve at the library..Hitchhiker's read by the author..which should be pretty good..then I'll see the movie :)


What the kid looked mature?? But you were teaching the kid?!?! Okay what ever. At least we know that the worst you will do is stick the kid with knitting needles or stick pins in the voodoo doll. And I will be working on that CE fixation that you have; how do you feel about orange?

Lisa in Oregon

people are weird. And Stupid. Unfortunately, teachers are no exception. Frankly, the idea of having sex with a teenager repulses me beyond all belief. Did she go hang out and ride skateboards with him afterwards? I mean, good gawd. Ick. Big ick. And the porno teacher? Obviously one of the worlds brightest bulbs right there. Weird and stupid. Yup.


Bob's looking pretty spiffy there kid - I can't get over how nice that green looks!

We didn't like HGTTG either - it was just...I dunno, no spark, no appeal - not much of anything. Bummer :(


I also thought that movie sucked. I was sitting through it thinking, "it's got to get better than this"


Jan - definitely read the book first, the movie pales by comparison.

Mia - slightly lukewarm on orange, but am always open to more CE. ::grin:: That's the mark of a true friend, a yarn snob (meant in the nicest possible way) who's willing to find a CE fix for me!

Lisa - Honestly, some of this stuff you couldn't make up with the best of imaginations. That people can be soooo stupid! Just boggles the mind.

Robbyn & Nik - Awful movie. Just awful. I kept thinking, "It's GOT to get better" too! I almost left halfway through and that's something I've never, ever done.

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