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July 26, 2005



"Excalibur" is an interesting film - visually splendid, though slow in spots. I remember watching it in the theater and thinking that this was probably pretty much what it was like - fighting a battle with swords - up close, personal and bloody. We have it too :)


True - the film is uneven at times...then again, the legends themselves are slow in spots. Really BIG spots. :::wink:::

Melanie S.

Yep, it's sweltering here in Canada, alright! Last year we had very little summer, this year we've had non-stop summer since June!!

We're Arthurian freaks at this househould as well. Loved "Excalibur". Do you own "Mists of Avalon" on dvd?


I am SO with you on the heat! I despise sweating (and on that point, I'm so glad I'm not male), and I much prefer cold to heat (after all... you can add more layers almost infinitely, but you can only take so much off... even if you go all the way to buff, once you get there, there just isn't another layer to remove)... but in my perfect world, days are always in the high 60's or lower 70's, and nights are at LEAST down into the 50's... preferably the low ones... and maybe into the 40's, so you can cuddle up in a blanket.

Thanks for the movie recommedation. My in-laws have been collecting DVD's for the past year or so, and I'm so jealous of their collection... and a good chunk of it is from those discount bins and shelves at Walmart.


I liked this movie too, but I don't own it - most of our collection is SciFi - David buys all our movies. We do on MPHG though - turned my stepsons onto it last summer, now they can recite all the dialogue along with the actors. Still cracks me up everytime I watch it!


We just rented MP Holy Grail, yet again! I just have to break down and buy that sucker. Don't get husband and son going or they'll begin quoting the movie for hours. "Shrubbery," "Bring out yer dead," "Favourite Colour - Red no Blue - Aaagh!" Anyway, I'll stop now. I love Arthurian legends too. I have to check out Excalibur again.


Arthur geeks unite!!

Did you read all the Mary Stewart books too?


I've been in love with Arthurian legend for a long time too. Mine started though, with the book version of "The Mists of Avalon", and went on to The Once and Future King by T.H. White, and then kept expanding. Thanks for the movie suggestion, and the Mary Stewart books- I don't think I've heard of them, so will have to look for them.


Melanie - No, I don't own Mists on DVD. Not sure why, but I only saw it once. Now the book I think I've reread about 10 times!

Leisel - Be forewarned regarding the movie - it's rated "R" for a pretty graphic sex scene & some violence. Just don't watch with young kids in the room!

Colette - Most of our DVDs are Sci-Fi too, but with a good dose of fantasy mixed in. My kids LOVED MPHG -

Hey, Marie - we quote lines too! "I'm not fact, I'm getting better!" hehehe

Zeila - Yes, I've read all of Mary Stewart's series, although the first, "The Hollow Hills" will always be my fav.

Jennifa - I never liked the White version but Mists has been one of my favs. There are so many variations out now, it boggles the mind. I need to read Barron's "Merlin" series - Dylan has it & HE hasn't read it. I think someone should try to appreciate it. :::grin::


Bron... thank you so much for the notice on the sex scene. Here I was thinking it looked like a nice old fashioned movie (ya know, the kind the whole family could watch together). I appreciate your looking out for me.

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