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July 30, 2005



Okay... I love the fact that you called that new crochet project a chastity belt at first... That made me crack up! You are one knitting/crocheting machine Bron! I think you should make that blue cardigan.. it is really gorgeous!


Are you using metal crochet hooks for Julianne? I've seen bamboo and I think birch ones. Maybe, like knitting, certain yarns just call for tools made of different materials than other yarns.


OMG Bron! I think I'm just going to not buy any books or mags before I look at your blog first! The Cafe Cardigan is the first thing that I actually liked from Cast On mag.

I'm a Monk fan, but I haven't watched it lately. I did see the first few episodes after Sherona left, but I really missed her, and the shows felt flat.


The Cafe Cardigan would be fabulous. What fun seeing all the new beginnings.


Thanks, Dani. :::Grin::: That vest beginning looked so weird, I had to say something. ::wink:: Don't worry - I started the Cafe Cardi yesterday! hehehe

Leisel - I'm sure you're right about the wood or bamboo but I've tried them before & they are a little *too* slow. :) (See - I'm just never satisfied.) I may yet go back to Julianna with that yarn - maybe it's more that I'm not in the mood for that pattern right now.

Vera - I keep telling you we were separated at birth! We really do have astonishingly similar tastes. :)Yeah - I didn't like Sharona leaving either, but this season seems to be better than last. Maybe Natalie's growing on me.

Thanks, Sharon - there'll be one more to show tomorrow!


Perhaps I'll give Monk another try.

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