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  • Something Red - knit

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  • Square Neck Tank top - knit

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  • Fish Bath Mat

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July 29, 2005


I have fast loading internet and for me it was even slow loading but Victory is Yours, Bron because this morning your blog popped right up!!! I have to agree with the full size pictures. Hold firm, girl!


What spins? I don't have any trouble. Everything is wonderful. I love the full size photos! Please keep them. Thumbnails are too small to see detail. You do such wonderful work I love being able to see all the stitches.
Stay cool!

Amy Boogie

I had a similar problem. I reduced the number of entries to 3 and cleaned it up but I left full size pics. I haven't had any problems since.


Hmmm... as a cable modem gal, I haven't noticed any problems, either, BUT...

I could also not have noticed because I am an dedicated multitasker - a habit I picked up in my dial-up days. I always have a bunch of windows open... some with multible tabs (anyone who is not using Firefox is seriously missing out). So, if it was a slow load, I probably just clicked over to something else to read while I waited for it to load.


Cripes ! Sorry Bron. I was going to e-mail you after I posted my blog entry,but got waylaid. As you do !
I have cable modem,but do find that sometimes your blog takes ages to load. Don't shrink the pics though. I think reducing the no. of entries to 3 or 4 would make a difference - that's what I did.
I just wanted to get people to look at your fab work.



Your site loaded remarkably faster today, I have dsl. It had loaded slow for me in the past. I like the new look, though!


Wow, I usually just read you through bloglines but I clicked through today and I noticed a new layout (it's not just me, right?) It looks fab! :)


Much better! I'm un dial-up so thanks!


I personally like the bigger pics as well. I have high speed net so it's all cool with me. As long as you keep Emma's picture in the sidebar for Curly to doggyporn over too :) LOL


Thanks for your opinions, everyone. :) I really appreciate the feedback.

And Emma - please don't worry! I'm not upset, just glad you said something. I really disliked blogs that took forever to load so I'm happy to get the chance to fix mine. :) No worries, ok?

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