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June 13, 2005



WOWOW! I just might have to check my tuesday morning to see if they have cottonease! I've only seen lion cotton there, but maybe i'll get lucky ;)


Hmmm... I may need to go visit Tuesday Morning. I never would've thought've them for yarn.


Tuesday Morning?


Hey Cyndy - "Tuesday Morning" is a close-out store. Lots of discontinued stuff & close-outs at pretty good prices. I had one close to me but it closed - I had to drive 40 minutes across the city to get to this one! But LB Cotton Ease @ $2.00/skein made it worth it. :)


oh great, now i am going to have to go buy some cotton ease if I can find it. Not becuase I want it but because it is in high demand. I feel the beanie baby anxiety coming on again. :)


Ohhh!!!! want to share??? I want some too!!!!!! but i live in New Zealand, no such thing as this yarn here!! boo hoooooo ;c(


Nice deal on the yarn - You have execellent taste in patterns! I just bought 2 of the 3 WLD patterns you are showing the Amelie and the red one - now to decide on yarn.


Marlo - It's truly a frenzy! I had to stop myself from buying it all up & hoarding Cotton Ease. Thank goodness I came to my sense in time. ;) Of course, I could make a killing on eBay! hehehehe

Buttons - That's a shame about the yarn! Too bad the shipping costs would negate any yarn savings too. :(

Thanks, Colette - Great minds & all that. ;) I'm having a hard time deciding on the color for "Marta." Too many possibilities!


i didn't even know tuesday morning sold YARN. guess where i'm going after work.


Oh man! Tuesday Morning has Cotton Ease?! I need to look online and see if I find one around here :) Beautiful stuff Bron... like usual!


Wow! You are in my type of heaven!!! I so covet the cotton-ease. Would you be interested in a trade? Will you be selling some of your stash?


Hi Wendy - I don't know if I'll keep it all for myself or not! I was thinking of selling some on eBay, but then my DH started talking about a blue sweater for him so now I'm not sure. I'll definitely say something on my blog if I plan on getting rid of any, ok? :)

I'm just trying to resist the urge to drive back & buy all the rest! ha!


Oh how beautiful! If you want to go back there, I'd love some of the yellow and blue! Just let me know and I'll place my order. *smiles* I don't think there is a Tuesday Morning store anywhere in Wyoming, and not all stores carry the same merchandise. Oh the advantages of living in the "big city," you have all those wonderful stores!

Bron you find the neatest treasures! You are indeed a true "bargain hunter!" *winks*


you make me proud! i love your baby!!

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