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  • Larger Than Life Bag - Crochet

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  • Summer Bag - crochet

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  • Spiderweb Cardi - Crochet

  • Bianca's Jacket - Knit

  • Something Red - knit

  • Two tea cozies - one knit, one crochet

  • Square Neck Tank top - knit

  • Doris Chan's Lace Cardi - crochet

  • Nantucket Jacket

  • Fish Bath Mat

  • Crocheted Triangles Purse

  • More dishcloths than one person should EVER make

  • Fountain Lace Cardi - Knit

  • 2 Knit & 1 Crocheted Calorimetries


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June 30, 2005



Look at all those strands of yarn! Looks like a lot of weaving in... Its going to be so beautiful though.. totally worth it :)


Ah buttons! My mother gave me her buttons years and years ago, and of course I have added to them myself!

I organized them in zippy bags according to color so that helps when I need a particular color.

Most of them are loose, and it takes awhile to dump out the bag and find the right size I'm needing. The trick is to find the exact Number of Matching buttons that I need! Many times I need 1 more than what I have! LOL

Some of those buttons are real treastures and I need to use more of them! There are even some I have that are made out of Glass, and some have rhinestones.


LOL... I'll bet your hubby loved that comment.

The buttons, though, are truly perfect for the material. It just amazes me when something like that happens. Coordinating buttons from stash, without buying the material to go with the buttons. Too cool.


Well, I know what you will be doing this weekend - weaving in ends. But happy times! You figured out the button hole thingie on your machine. I know where the button hole thingie is for my machine. I just have to think about where my instruction book for the machine is though. I would rather knit instead of thinking that hard!


Oh man. That is a LOT of ends, and I feel for you. Your husband's shirt came out well!

My mom is thrifty too. She's always telling me about a five dollar shirt she got at WalMart, while I try to convince her it's better to have a week's worth of nice, well made shirts, rather than every shirt WalMart puts on clearance for less than five dollars. She just laughs at me :)


Thanks, Dani! I hope it's worth it...and that my I-cord seams come out ok!

Margaret - I love buttons too - Unfortunately, my Mom didn't have many cool, old ones. Just "old" old ones. :) But that's fine - I'll eventually use them all...I hope!

Leisel - I like it when things come together like that too. That's how I justify such a big stash of yarn, fabric, buttons, thread, etc. You just never know! ;)

I'm with you, Mia - I'd rather knit! hehe

Jennifa - Sometimes I think it's a generational thing, but mainly it's a personality thing. I like deals as much as the next gal, but I can't life my *entire* life in the bargain bin! :::grin:::


I remember when I knit this Fair Isle bag I had a ton of ends to weave in. I took it to my knitting group and my friend Janette helped me do it :) It went a lot faster!


Ooooh I like the button choice. Don't tell hubby, cause he might think it's too cutesy, but they look like little wheels ;)

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