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June 14, 2005



EWWWWW. It looks like an ugly 60's color afghan with yarn ties.


but someone could make something equally ugly by knitting! i suppose it all comes down to a matter of tastes.


Very true, Jayme - but I was pointing out that crochet is the craft that's gotten the bad rap over the years rather than knitting. Crochet is still seen by many knitters as the "poor country cousin" of crafting. :)


Yes, Pam - I think my Mom had a throw rug that looked just like that back in '72. :::grin:::


No wonder it looked so familiar. It was a rug! LOL


So bad it's offensive ! The stylist who put it with that skirt needs to review their career choice too.
There have been a few things in Knitters lately to rival that. ;-]

Amy Boogie

It looks like they wasted a bunch of Noro in the process. Crochet can be so much better than this.


:) indeed..crochet can be so much better than this and you my dear are making crochet totally awesome :) Your sense of style not to mention your energy make me want to crochet lots. Now all that chicka needs to go with her wrap hehe is a sitdown with a spaghetti western, a sombrero and a sasparilla.......smokin' :)


That's quite ugly, and I have seen just as ugly things in knitting too. I guess the poncho thing has more than played out.


Amy - ding! ding! ding! One of the yarns called for is Noro, along with Lamb's Pride & Cascade. Not only ugly but expensively ugly!

Jan - You're right - she's all ready for a Spaghetti Western - she has her own horse blanket! hehehe

Vera - Yep - I know. No craft has the corner on hideous, I just wish a few knitters would remember the ugly knitted things (Knit N'Style come to mind!) while bashing crochet. :::wink:::

Emma! My god, yes! That skirt is actually pretty & thin & delicate looking. What were they thinking?


hmmm if i were a superhero i might go for it. ;)
i have to say i'm intrigued by the colors, but that's just me.


Eeek! That may be the item that kills the poncho craze. That is very, very scary.


Well, the skirt is pretty. I like that shade of purple but I could do without the embroidery. Oh, wait, you were refering to that butt enhancing thing hanging from her shoulders. No way!!!


That is pretty bad I might add. She is a pretty woman, it just stinks that she has this "thing" on her!


but she posing all pretty:)


Nik - Yeah, you'd think that a cute model would save it, but no such luck!

Christina - You're right - this is just one step too far on the poncho evolutionary ladder!


But where is it from?


I was keeping mum to protect the innocent, but I guess I should say it's from the summer 2005 issue of Crochet Fantasy...bought by the same publishers as INKnitters.

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