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June 28, 2005



I like the top picture - very cool and elegant and I tink it would be gorgeous in your new yarn (which is really beautiful!)

If Julianna is that last photo, then I agree; it would be splendid in Merlot :) A girl can never have too much purple!


I like the last picture the most...very nice yarn.


Robbyn - I think you're right. I'm really drawn to that top sweater. :) Yes - Julianna is the last photo (I edited to make that clear) and I think I'll probably stick with my original plans for it. I've been waiting a month for the Silk City Perle to go on sale! Seems a shame to change my mind now. ;)

Jennifa - Yep - I think it's my fav too. Very classy looking. :)


Ohhhh... thank you! I've been eyeing the Silk City perle cotton in Jasper, but with no idea what to do with it, I've mostly just been drooling (now all the keys on my keyboard stick).

And, I'd vote for Juliana, because it's one of the patterns from that book I'd wanted to make, and I really want to see how it looks on a real body... but, it just screams to be Merlot. The Rosetta was not meant for it.

Of the other two... I like the first best overall. If it were for me, I wouldn't know what to do... the second is rather long, but the first would hit just above the perma-prego-belly, and would just make me look bigger. But since it's for you, it'll probably work better. Even though we're both trying to lose weight, you look more proportionally balanced than I do. I'm ever so jealous of you for that.


Does this mean you don't need the yarn I just mailed out to you? Wait, why am I even asking, of course you want it.


Leisel - I think you're right on both counts. I'm going to do the first in Rosetta and I'll do Julianna in "Merlot" - Luckily I got the two cones I needed right away - they were sold out in the first 10 minutes! Ouch!

And yes - I do tend to gain weight all over & then lose it all over, I've been lucky that way. But my stomach gets especially big when I gain weight so I do have sympathy!

Mia - hehehehe...too late to keep it now! I'm just sitting here, waiting & drooling. :::grin:::


I saw that Rosetta on Elann too! They have some new great yarns, don't they! I have been a good girl though :) I like the pattern number two.. That white one...


At least it is not C.E LOL!! ;c)


Dani - Yep - I haven't seen the types of yarns they're offering before and I've totally caved. :::grin:::

Buttons....You might want to not read the rest of the week. I have 8 more skeins of CE coming in Thurs. or Friday. LOL

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