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June 25, 2005



Heya Bron! I checked my cotton-ease from TM versus some I had gotten cheap(er) at Joann's and noticed no diff. Seems like the stuff I bought ages ago, but I have none left to compare.

And I know the Kool Wool was discounted at my joann. I got all they had of red, grey, and blue for $1.50 a ball. And I LOVE that stuff. I have 10 red, not sure if it is enough to do anything.

I love the way your tank is coming. I may have to knit one too, to be a copycat, and cause I have tons of Cotton-ease. Am interested to know how many skeins yours will end up taking :)


I picked up a killing of CE at TM a few weeks back too. I can't wait until I go back there next month. Hopefully they will still have some by then. I love working with CE too. btw - Cynthia is looking quite nice!


What's Cotton Ease? ... the KList?


Have fun with your CE stashing!

I wish we had a better selction where I live. Tuesday Morning has only a few skiens left, and the dye lots at the ones at Hancock Fabrics don't match--else I'd buy more too.

The bubblegum is a lovely color,and Cynthia is looking great.

I wouln't be suprised if Kool Wool was discontinued. It's on sale here too. I may try some.


Hey Tifff - If I hadn't had a few balls of CE I'd gotten ages ago, I wouldn't have noticed a difference either (except with the red & blue!) Maybe CE just changed their production values in the past year - weird!

I love Kool Wool too -just not for the price they charge! For $1.50/ball, I'd stock up!

Go for it with Cynthia - it's great with the CE & it's still looking like 3 skeins will do it or just a smidge over. Great deal!

Thanks, Wendy. :) My TM had one box each of orange, yellow & pistachio - the more popular colors were long gone. Good luck with your store - hope you find more!

Nat...hehehehehe You kill me.

Thanks, Vera - I AM having fun, goshdarnit! hehehe. I was lucky that my TM had matching dye lots but the color selection was limited. (I'm still yearning for Ice Blue!) The Bubblegum color is really growing on me...I'm trying to decide if a matching Sitcom Chic would be just *too* precious. Then again, what the heck - I've got plenty of yarn!

Definitely try Kool Wool - it's really nice & soft, just not a lot of yardage/skein!


Do people really care about what someone else buys? I guess I've been lucky. I've not had anyone tell me I buy too much yarn. And I don't read or belong to Knit List or anything like it. Guess I'm missing out on lots of fun and free advice.

You're fast! I'v always said you're fast. See Bron knit. See Cynthia take shape right before your very eyes! And see how cute it is!


The nerve! To buy the yarn you want and at a discount! Don't you know all REAL knitters only pay full price for big name yarn? Hahahahahahahah! It never ceases to amaze me that people actually get offended at what another knitter buys or knits.

I knitted with acrylic for years, when knitting wasn't popular and there was no internet nor yarn shops everywhere. In rural areas you pretty much knitted or crocheted with acrylic or you didn't knit or crochet. Of course I never realized how WRONG I was until I came online. None of the 300+ babies I knitted sweaters or blankets for during that time seemed to mind. Of course they hadn't been online yet either. ;)

Cynthia looks fabulous!


LOL Bliss! Here, here! I never realized how backward I was until I hit the internet. :::grin::: And thanks for the compliment on Cynthia - I'm loving it. :)

Larry - I'm lucky in that I just read the KList occasionally - if I actually posted, I'd really be open for more "fun & friendly advice." :::smirk::: Glad you like Cynthia - hopefully my neckline modifications will work!

See Bron knit Cynthia. See Bron become hooked on Cynthia. See Bron neglect other projects until she's done!

See Bron contemplate the NEXT project with Cotton Ease. hehehehe


Buy and knit whatever you like.You know that already ! You do knit and crochet so fast,it's impressive.


So I wonder why the Cotton Ease at my Jo-Anns (Colorado Springs) is still full price. And they have a TON of it. I keep checking, waiting for it to go on sale....


Thanks Emma. :)

Anne - It's strange how some stores have it discounted & others don't. My Hobby Lobby didn't - they just clearanced it at full price. Go figure. I wish my Jo-Ann had it at all - I think just the big, "super" Jo-Ann stores stocked CE.

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