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June 27, 2005



A women's group I attend recently had a fitness instructor come and address us. She mentioned that women lose weight from the top down (so far that seems a truism to me). Very frustrating, though, because my main problem area (my perma-prego-look belly) is very low, so it'll likely take me forever to slim it down, even with toning it on top of the aerobic workouts I do. ARGH!

Oh, and one of my goals in relation to weight loss is to have my tummy not stick out farther than my... uh... chest, but if I lose weight on my chest before I can lose any on my tummy, I won't be able to do that for a LONG time (as my chest is fairly small to begin with).


Wow, I am impressed with your sewing skills! That shirt looks mighty nice...good l uck with the buttonholes. Are you seeking out some VW buttons, or just something plain?


I highly recommend the Cabaret Raglan. I finally finished mine, and even though it doesn't fit I love it. (I knit the size I had enough yarn for, not the size I am. Nobody ever said I was smart.)


Leisel - Thanks for the info! That's why I've lost about 3" around each upper arm & barely an inch off my hips. Grrrr. And yes - I hear ya on the tummy vs. chest. :::grin:::

Tifff - I'm going to be using some buttons I found from my Mom - gray mottled ones. Doug vetoed anything too cutesy. :)

Alexandra - Thanks for the Raglan recommendation! It's good to hear from someone who's made it. :)Now - I need to figure out what size *I* need! Of course, "Soleil's" on my CE to-do list too. I've heard the designer is cool & doesn't bite if a knitter has a question or two, right? :::wink:::


Ohhh that's right just rub it in about the C.E!!! I will pass the salt to you for my wounds!! LOL


Buttons - At least I'm not showing NEW pics of yarn! hehehe I'm afraid you'll have to live with lots of projects I make from CE, though. :)


Oh wow I have always liked that sweater and I have that magazine! Thanks for the tip :)Cynthia turned out wonderful!

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