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April 23, 2005



Last night, I took a look through this issue as well and, after I saw this picture, I wondered "What the hell?!!!". It's just an unflattering cardigan that TOTALLY needs some shaping at the waist.


The shrugs are cute--on the models, but I'm not sure if I'm ready for them yet.

That green sweater is pretty strange looking. Hard to believe that photograph got through.

As far as how you answer comments is concerned, it's your blog. Do what works for you.


Bummer! When I saw that cardigan in the project previews from their online newsletter, I thought it was cute, and I would probably want to make it... but the model was sitting, and so that fattening waistline was hidden.

Shrugs... I don't even think they look cute on the skinny models. Whenever I find myself drawn to one at all, if I think about it, it's only the lace pattern they're using that I like... never the shrug as a whole, so I'd have to copy the lace pattern and figure out how to incorporate it in another type of garment.


Hmmm... I wasn't raised in a barn, but I did spend some summers sleeping in a barn-roofed shed up at the lake.

Strange green sweater... I avoid anything that'll make a model look fat. ;)


Hi Bron... I don't get whats up with the shrugs either. I have massively broad shoulders and I wouln't wear one for the life of me!

I don't know what the lacy kerchief scarf is but there are a few quick and gorgeous ones in Last-minutes knitted Gifts... Let me know if you want details on the two patterns they have in there... I am going to start making both soon for Mother's Day presents.


Yes, Leisel - I was looking forward to the cardi too. That picture was such a disappointment.

Thanks for the offer, Dani, but I have so many projects in progress or "in waiting" I doubt I'd get around to a kerchief any time soon. The one in the mag is very long - a kerchief/shawl/wrap type thing. I might consider making a smaller version 'cause the edge lace is so pretty. :)

To everyone who questions the whole shrug thing: What I forgot to mention in my post is the issue of all that knitted fabric bunched up under your arms. Seems to me that would be awfully uncomfortable as well as unattractive. Ewwww.

K. Anne

That sweater with the bulgy sides just makes her look awful! What were they even thinking? I mean seeing the picture and saying "yeah, go with that one".


what everybody else said about the green sweater.

i'm intrigued by shrugs though. i'm not entirely sure i would wear one. and i feel that given my current girth they wouldn't be flattering. but normally although i too have broad shoulders, i like to accentuate them because they make me look less pear shaped.


I'm getting to the party late, but I wanted to chime in on the comment response question. I tend to reply in email because that's the simplest for me. I agree that I don't often remember where I've left a comment and check back to see replies there. But the bottom line for me is this: the only rude way to respond to comments is to never respond. I understand that some bloggers get a huge number of comments. But it only takes a few seconds to say Thanks, I appreciate your comment. At least once.
With all that said, I agree that each of us is in charge of our own blog. Do whatever is right for you.


Tell me about it, K. Anne...PLUS...the rear view shot they have is just as unflattering. Ick. The sweater has a few interesting elements, but I'm definitely passing.

Yeah, Sharon - I'm still with you on answering everyone if I can - even if it's just a quick "thanks." :)


I bought the IK mag also. My sentiments exactly when I saw that green cardigan. I do agree with you that it has some interesting elements. I'm not very good at altering a pattern, but if I was I would definitely pull it in at the waist a bit.


Hi Yvonne - I'm thinking I should've taken a closer look at the mag in the store before plunking down my cash. The preview photos on several of the items look much better than the ones in the magazine! I think it would take quite a bit of work to alter that pattern to fit decently - probably more work than it's worth, unfortunately.

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