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April 22, 2005



Interesting points. Being fairly new to the blogging scene I like to respond to the few people who decide to comment. I sometimes respond in the comment box, but feel that people might not get those replies. I just changed my settings (though it doesn't seem to be working consistently) so that I receive an email when someone comments on a post. That way, I can simply Re: them on their email.

I think I am going to prefer emailing people back vs. leaving input as a comment. I have received some scrutiny from anonymous people asking if I am commenting to my own posts! There is another blog site yeah, I knit who is a Dani and it looks funny when we reply to each others comments without using email..

I am interested to see what you hear back about this. I don't want to be doing the wrong thing either... but I also have to figure that its my blog and I can do what I want with it! :)

Thanks for bringing up the issue Bron! Have a good day teaching English!

Karen M

I like to respond to comments with emails. I don't have a lot of comments either - it is kind of a challenge around here to keep up with my emails. In some cases, I can't find the commenter's emails...and in others, it can take me a while to respond. So I tend to respond to those with another comment.

I think I may change my commenting system...Blogdrive only captures websites, not email addresses. I used to have Haloscan - I might go back to that, we'll see.


I prefer to respond with e-mails (as you may have figured out). Mostly because I do forget where I have left comments, so I don't check back. I figure many of my "commenters" would have the same issue. Having said that I know that some bloggers respond in there comments more often than e-mail so I make it a point to re-visit their comments to check for a response (you and Roxi mostly). When a comment doesn't really demand a response, I will sometimes simply make it a point of visiting that person's blog and leaving my own comment. I think you should do whatever works for you. I don't think either way is rude, it's just a matter of training your readers to your method.


Forget everything else. How about I tell you that your arms are like really short or the sleeves are short? And you can stalk me if you want? Remember, I know where you live.... It depends on the comment. I generally try to respond with a quick email, okay, not to your's. It all depends. But I like to acknowledge the ones that deserve them. But I could understand it id you were getting a hundred or more a day. Now go and pound something into preteen heads. It may be the only chance they have to learn.


For me it depends on the comment left. If it's just a "looks great!", I don't really think the comment needs a response. And maybe I'm rude to not give a thank you, but there's only so much I can respond to and I do a lot more besides my knitblog.

If it's a question that I think other readers would like to know the answer to, I'll leave it in the comments section, or I'll write a whole new post addressing the issue. If it's a question I think only the commenter would care about the answer too, I might e-mail it.

But I've been a member of so many mailing lists and message boards where the people on the list would be interested in the response, that I'm in the habit of not making private e-mail responses.

And as for looking weird for commenting in your own blog -- many other high-traffic bloggers have whole conversations in their comments sections. Don't worry about it!


A clarification response is appropriate to leave on your Blog, or an occasional "Thanks everyone!" but don't feel you need to reply to every single comment left on your Blog. You may need to reply privately (direct email response) in certain situations.

I don't expect a reply on the Blog when I leave a comment.

Sometimes I have a knitting question and I email you privately because none of the other people ask knitting questions here. In that case I very much appreciate your help and reply via email.

Hope that helps. Love that Lion Yarn you bought! (If you have any left over please let me know.) No Michaels stores here in Wyoming! I feel so deprived! There is a HobbyLobby in Cheyenne (70 miles away).


Well, you know how I do it. I respond in comments to each comment made on the blog - feels more like a conversation that way. We're all in this together :)

Frankly, and I mean no offense here, I don't give a rat's nether end what's cool and what's not.
It's your blog, Bron - do what makes YOU happy :)


I generally reply to comments via email. I don't think I've ever replied by comment, except one time and that got out of hand. I try to reply to all comments, except recently I've been way too uninspired. Must get better. I am bad about checking for comments in older posts so I may miss responding to some of those.


It's uncool to reply in comments? Who knew?
I did that in the beginning before I figured out that typepad would email (most) of the comments direct to me, which I find easier. I try to reply to most of the comments I get, but I don't always manage it and I don't think there's an obligation to do so, implied or otherwise.

If someone leaves you a comment it is just that - a comment. This isn't a party where you as the hostess mave an obligation to make sure everyone has a drink and someone to talk to.

But then I'm not bothered if I don't get a reply to a comment either. I just figure sometimes you hit a common spark and sometimes you don't and that's pretty much it.

Do what works for you.


I don't respond to comments at all,unless I feel there's a need,because I simply don't have time.I'm so behind with my e-mails as it is.I really appreciate all the comments people leave.No snub is ever intended.
i think you should just do whatever makes you feel happiest.You can tie yourself in knots trying to please everyone.It's a blog.A new form of communic
ation.I find it rather amusing that people are trying to tell you,or anyone else,what is acceptable behaviour.


Answering in comments is wrong? Says who? I really don't think there's a correct way to do it. I only know how I wanted to be able to do it.

I'm with Amy... not all comments require a response. I'm always happy to hear back from a blogger I left a comment for, but I don't need a pat on the back for... um... giving them a pat on the back.

I've never found anything wrong with the way you handle things, and unless someone's complained to you, I wouldn't worry about it at all... and if someone complained, well, I would have to think they were just being persnickety (hehe... sometimes vintage words are the best).


I don't have a blog ,so maybe I'm not cool. I happen to like the way you always comment back in the comments.


Given my current state of mind...

"It's my blog and I'll reply any damn way I please, 'cause I'm a bad-ass blogger!"

All smiles, of course...

K. Anne

If I see a question in my comments I try to answer it there. Then if it is something that someone else may ask about I may post a note on the bottom of the entry about where the yarn was from, etc. I am trying also to go to that person's blog and post an answer to their question there.


i prefer to email people back (typepad does make it very easy...)- ultimately i would prefer to give commenters the option of being updated with later comments - i take a robust view these days (its my blog, and I'll do what I want) and think that an email is probbly okay with most people since they reached out to you first.

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