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February 18, 2005


Lisa in Oregon

OMG!! I step awaaaaaay from the computer a few days and you go wild! Uxbrigde is amazing...the dying thing is amazing....wowza Bron!!! You are an incredible knitter, know that???

:) L


Uxbridge looks great as does the model. My husband worked from home this week, so I was unable to comment. When he's here he monopolizes his computer, my computer, the home phone and his cell phone. Augh.


Thanks, Lisa - you're making me blush! Just a sudden burst of finishing on my part - I'll be back to boring old me soon enough. :::Grin:::

Cyndy - thanks! I know how it is - the kids get on this computer & I'm lucky to be able to check my email!


It's so funny that you mention that decrease. I just learned it myself 2 nights ago. It's used in the baby blanket I am swatching for.

I have been remiss in my commenting lately but Uxbridge does look amazing on you. You do wonderful work.


My goodness! You are so fast. No sooner are you finished with your Uxbridge Cardi than you're finished with the back of another sweater. I'm nearly dizzy just watching the progress reports.


I used to watch survivor with friends every week while I was in college. Now I secretly (or not so secretly) watch it by myself. Did you know Jeff Probst is dating past (23 yr old) contestant Julie Berry?? Kinda gross. I love the race too...and I hear that they are casting for a family season...with teams of 4 family members which have to be at least 12 yrs old...that'll be wild. I'm not a fan of Fear Factor anymore (tho I used to be) but I do enjoy The Mole (if it ever comes back), America's Next Top Model, Project Runway, The Entertainer, Wickedly Perfect, The Apprentice...oh, I could go on. heh. Notice no dating shows in there though.


My exact same thoughts on Survivor. I kinda even felt sorry for the most annoying singing teacher woman, but omg she made an instant target out of herself. I think they'll bring those two back at some point too.
Wow, you knit fast. :)


Nancy - what weird serendipity! I really like that inc/dec combo. Now - I just have to remember it for other stuff! And thanks for your compliment on Uxbridge. :)

Leisel - I'm letting big yarn & big needles do all the work while I take all the credit. ;::Grin:::

Tiff- I read about Jeff & Julie in TV Guide - I was kinda grossed out too. She's SO young! I hadn't heard about the family Amazing Race - not sure how I feel about that. Tempers flare easily & I'd hate to see teenagers being yelled at!

Hi Jewels - yeah, I really hope they do bring them back. It didn't seem quite fair to go that far & then not have a chance at all.

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