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February 20, 2005




Oh noooo! The lovely Lace Cardi got mangled in the drier! I feel your pain.

Last year, I lost a rayon dress and blouse that I thought I could cold water wash. Nowadays, when they say dry clean only, they mean it!

BTW, I made it to Stitches West last weekend. I bought some stitch markers and some Zephyr that I am using to make "Spirit of the Southwest" shawl from Fiber Trends.
Really enjoyed it. This was my first time there.



lol - love that title!


Thanks for the sympathy, Theresa! I just felt sick when I pulled that cardi out of the dryer. Sigh.

Congrats on making it to Stitches! I'm sure it was fabulous. I'm still thinking that one of these years I'll get to one. :)

Yeah, Nat - I do too. Almost makes me want to change the name of my blog. :::Grin:::

Lisa in Oregon

The sweater: Argh...I hear you, Bron. I have a few treasured things (that I didn't even make!) That I break into a cold sweat every time I wash them...which is rarely due to the panicky feeling I get. I sooooo know that "OH F***!" moment, standing by the dryer...

one idea...I saw this in the new IK (I think), what about making it into a bag?? Then you could still love it and use it...or would it just piss you off?


Now this a meme that I would be willing to answer. Heck, I think I might have even have some yarn to bribe you with. Let me check that stash for more chocolate....


I saw somewhere about people who use the good parts of old sweaters to make throw pillows. Nothing wrong with recycling if you have the inclination. Love those purse handles too! FYI I read on the Berroco or is it Berocco site that they use clear plastic tubing for handles. They put matching yarn inside the tube and then tack it to the purse. What an idea!

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