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February 24, 2005



Just poppin' in. I crochet but love knitting blogs as well. Just wanted to say I agree with you on the Crochet Fantasy issue. P.U. is all I can come up with. It better improve in May or I'm not wasting my money. Cool hats, by the way!


I worked with the Araucania cotton last summer and I really liked it. I'm also liking their wool, of which I'm aquiring way more that I'll probably ever use.


Okay, now tell me the secret to getting eerything listed fast on eBay. I have several items ready to list. Plus I have several more wherer I need to take their photos before listing. Have you checked out Norma's yard sale? I am thinking that this might be another way to destash.


The hats are wonderful! Will you be posting the patterns? I'm going to broach the subject of charity knitting/crocheting to my Sunday craft group and it would be fun to have patterns available by blog friends. (I'm also introducing them to the knit blog underworld MMMWWWWAAA.) Enabling, I am.

Did you mention "Over the Rainbow"?


Thanks for dropping by, Dawn. Glad to hear someone else disliked the issue too! :)

I haven't tried their wool yet, Larry. I do know my LYS has a bunch. Good thing the store is waaaaaay across town. :::Grin:::

Hey Mia - I use Inkfrog for my image hosting & auction management. It's easy & fast if you have lots of the same type of thing to list. :)

I could definitely write up the patterns, Marie - I'm always ready to enable an enabler. And yes - you heard correctly - "Over the Rainbow." If you'd be interested in lots of yardage of purple/green/icey blue/tealish boucle, give me a holler & you can have first dibs.


I love all of those hats, Bron! I'm with Marie, please do write up the patterns when you can!


Oh, GREAT Job on the hats! Wow, you must have made them fast!

Bron, I'd be interested in your yarns if you would send me photos and price list please.

Eva at BellaOnLine says she loves the Crochet Fantasy issue. Am hoping to find it at the store to have a look and decide for myself. One thing about having a magazine subscription is that you get what you get, like it or not. When you buy an individual issue at least you can look it over first.


Perhaps INKnitters can salvage Crochet Fantasy from the hell it has been in. Underwhelmed is the nicest word for what I felt when I read that mag. Needs a swift kick in the pants to get it into the present/future


Donna - I'm glad you like the hats! I'll be posting the patterns soon. :)

Margaret - already answered your email and thanks for the hat compliment! :)

Kim - I hear ya. For once I'd like to see a consistently good crochet magazine. Obviously, my search continues!


Great hats! Yes, we should be mindful of making things EXTRA warm to deal with that extreme weather. Doubling is good!

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