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February 17, 2005



Bron, the second sweater might work for those of us who aren't flat chested. Now I have to go and pick up that issue. I like that sweater but it would have to be in a different color. It looks like it would give me a waist and I am short waisted. I like the vest even though I don't wear them.


that green sweater has a gorgeous neckline. and you can wear the vest. maude's vests were much too long...


Mia & Maryse - Thanks to my two enablers! Yes - that neckline is really, really nice. Just maybe it would work for those with a bust.

I've almost decided to go for it with the use stash yarn or buy the La Boheme? Decisions, decisions...


Ya know, a couple weeks ago I was thinking about Maude and my own mother. When that show was popular, my mom wore her hair exactly like maude,(went to the beauty shop, every week)had the same gray streaks and wore the flowing 3/4 length whatevers. My mom seemed sooooo old. She was exactly the age I am now. I wanted to cry. I don't feel that old.

I do like that scoop neck.


OMG, Bron! Thanks for posting these pics. I love that second sweater from Knitter's so much, darn it, I need to learn to knit just so I can make it! I like the vest; I say go for it!


love the second picture!keeping my eye out in the local newsagents. re fiesta yarns - go on! you deserve it. You go gurl

barb in texas

well, here i was resisting the purchase of the new 'knitter's' and you show that scoop-necked beauty!

i've always thought i wanted to be reincarnated as bea arthur- love her swagger!

stay happy-


Donna - go for it. :::grin::: Crocheting plus knitting is just doubling your fun. That sweater really is beautiful.

Barb - yeah, Bea was heck on wheels. Plus she's 6' tall like me - I wanted to have her attitude too!

Nat - I wimped out on the Fiesta Yarn - it would've taken 4 for my size instead of 2. (I didn't read the fine print!) But when my ship comes in, I'm taking a few hundred bucks & buying out a couple shelves of yarn. hehehe


The Bea Arthur look is starting to be my friend. Everything cycles.

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