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January 25, 2005



I've been thinking of reading French Women Don't Get Fat. Portion control is my motto for the new year, that and move more. I haven't done well so far but I never judge myself on January since work is always hectic.


I bought mysels Lavish Lace too,just before xmas.I think it's a great book.A good read too ! The patterns aren't complicated but well thought out for the yarns.I like reading about the thought processes behind the choices.

One of the things that stylish,slim French and Italian women do is smoke...

Alice Twain

"Fat is what makes you feel full" is a piece of crap concept. I can stuff myself with pure fat until kingdom come, but I still crave a portion of good old carbs. Best easy recipe for getting thinner? Eat 10% less and walk 20% more. And, as Italian nutritionists say, eat everything, just don't stuff yourself with it. By the way: white meats are just like red meats, just not as good. Get me a medium-rare beef steak per week and I am happy with vegetables (lots of), pasta, cheese (some) and fish (some) for the rest of the week. ^_^


Moderation is the KEY! I really want to get away from the pre-packaged foods too. It really can't be very healthy. Eating like French women - does this mean I have to let the hair on my legs and armpits grow?


I saw that French woman on whatever TV magazine she was on a couple of weeks ago. I was intrigued by what she said.

One of our favorite sweet indulgences these days are the little ice cream sandwiches. They really don't have that many calories and provide just enough sweet and chocolate to feel like I had "a little sumthin."

Have you tried Tilapia? It's fish, not ice cream. Sometimes ADD is not a good thing.


I just bought French Women Don't Get Fat, and am about 1/3 of the way though, and I'm on the lookout for the fat fallacy (the B&N near my work doesn't have it). I thjink it looks like an easy way to go, as gfar as maintaining the lifestyle once you've made the changes, and I'm looking forward to giving it a shot.


Nancy - portion control is my biggest challenge. After all, if one bite is good, won't 10 be better? Sigh.

Emma - Would that I could still smoke! Quitting is part of what got me into this. Grrrr!

Alice - Well, I don't believe "fat makes you full" is a crap concept for everyone. It certainly satisfied my appetite while on Atkins, but it didn't really satisfy my cravings - there's a difference. I'm a firm believer that one single method doesn't work for everyone & you have to find your own way of eating for a healthy life. Eating 10% less won't do it if you're eating 100% junk. :) But I do agree - getting moving is the key to ANY diet.

Marie - Only if we always wear slacks & never wear anything sleeveless. ;)

Marcia - it IS very intriguing...and no, I haven't tried Tilapia. (I though it sounded like a Mexican restaurant) But I'll look for it. :)

Shannon - That's what attracted me to the books. It really does sound like something I can stick with for the long term, which so far has been my downfall on any "diet."


Hi everyone! From what I read, carbs are an addiction just like sugar is an addiction. Bron, I too love good chocolate and am able to stop at 2 squares. Eat them 1 at a time and let them melt in your mouth. I like the idea about eating things that have Mama's and Papa's or growing from nature's bounty...but that would leave out my chocolate unless you suggest eating cocoa beans? Let me know what you think.


Hi Bron! Just found your blog, and I'm really intrigued by "French Women Don't Get Fat."

And OMG -- you have a corgi! So do I! :D


good for you Bron for taking up the challenge again!


Hi Diane! Thanks for stopping by. :) How cool you have a Corgi - they're the best, aren't they?

Nat - Yep - back on the wagon. Hopefully for life!

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