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January 27, 2005



I've gotten eBay stuff packaged in such a way that makes me wonder about the sanity of the seller.

Thanks for the Emma pic -- what a cutie!


i have to say that i'm a big fan of my local postal employees. my mail carrier rocks.

anyway, i'm also a fan of ebay, but sometimes some of those sellers just crack me up. since you got the auction for $1 you still got a good buy -- but sometimes i'm quite shocked at what people will try to get away with.


So, what kind of feedback are you planning on giving the seller?

They probably deserve at least a neutral, if not a negative, but if it were me, I wouldn't do so, because it's almost assured they would turn around and do the same back to you... not for anything you did wrong, but just for complaining against them. That's one huge failing on the part of ebay. There ought to be some way to be honest w/o being punished for it.


Re: the ebay person. I don't really shop on ebay anymore anyways because ebay bought paypal and paypal is horrible. BUT if I do shop there and when I did I always REFUSE to buy from someone who is trying to make money on the s&h. I know that ebay charges money and yadda yadda...but the person agrees to this when they list and ebay does offer them exposure they wouldn't elsewhere get. So meh.


Good for the post least they don't leave a viola out on the driveway with a picture/sticker on the box the box that says,"Fragile Musical Instrument"!! Go sleeves.


Wendy - I hear ya on the eBay stuff - this is by no means the worst packaging experience I've had. You'd think people would get a clue!

Maryse - yep - people never cease to amaze me. At least I went into this one with my eyes wide open.

Leisel - there's the rub. I'd like to give a "neutral" but since she hasn't left me feedback yet, I don't dare. Retaliatory feedback is a BIG problem with eBay - I agree. I probably won't leave any feedback at all, which kinda sucks for the next buyer who might get the same treatment.

Hey Tiff - I've heard people say how awful PayPal is, but I've never had a problem. (knock wood) Yeah - usually I don't bid on auctions with outrageous s&h but I broke my rule with this one. That'll teach me!

Ouch, Cyndy - Viola in driveway? I think there's a story behind that!


Afternoon ladies! Oh, that package is something else. I agree with you that the postal clerk should NOT have accepted it. I know they won't accept a package that has string around it, so there must be guidelines. I shop eBay also, and there have been a few times when I never received my merchandise (needlework books and magazines). Sellers were informed by the P.O. that contents were "lost" and so I received refunds, although I would have much rather have received the books / magazines. One of the sellers actually mailed 7 pounds worth of magazines (several auctions combined) in a manilla envelope even though I had specifically requested that she mail them in a BOX. The Buyer pays the shipping, so it should be no problem for the Seller to package properly. If I were you, I'd email the seller along with the photos and tell her you were disappointed that the magazines were not properly packaged to withstand transit and handling. It wouldn't hurt to ask for a partial refund either since they were so poorly packaged. It's a wonder you received them at all.


oh about the post office clerk not accepting it. Did the person perhaps buy the postage on and then just leave it at the PO? They might have been more apt to just try and deliver it then instead of returning it to them.


I sympathize with your ebay packing woes. I purchased a spinning wheel from an ebay seller who dismantled the wheel and just chucked all the loose pieces into a box. Poor wheel almost didn't survive. She did refund some of my purchase price...but still.


What awful packaging! So far, I have been lucky with eBay and Paypal, but you never know.

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