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December 17, 2004



Wow... I'm amazed at how many of your "things" today could've been written by me. I guess that helps explain why you're one of my favorite bloggers.


My kids, too, are not avid readers like me. And I did read to them and provide books, etc. I'm afraid that they are too video oriented now, as are so many kids nowadays, so that information they get needs to be in some sort of video format, TV, movie, etc. I wish I had been firmer about turning the TV off more often. There's nothing better than getting lost in a book, imagining your own pictures of what is going on.


re: spooky and mysterious things, etc. I wrote a paper in middle school re: spontaneous human combustion, with footnotes, etc. Very good paper, but the teacher demanded a meeting with my parents as she felt I was "too dark" for one my age. Hurumph. What did she know anyway??


Okay, we need to start planning this trip to the Great Wall. My passport is ready. See my passpost says I was born in China not Taiwan so we won't have any problems getting in. And the European trip needs a side trip to Spain. There is a beautiful cathedral in Santaigo de Compestella that you need to see. It will bring tears to your eyes.


You know........ I was born in Nürnberg and lived not far from there until I moved to Canada. It's a nice city. You'll enjoy your Europe trip when you get to go.


Thanks for the nice compliment, Leisel. :) Glad to hear so many of my favs are yours too!

Laura - I think it was inevitable that people would become more visually oriented as the technology became available. It's hard to argue with people who see that as progress. But I, personally, doubt turning the TV off would've done much good. Too much outside influence these days - it's really hard to fight it.

Hehehe...I hear ya, Kim. As a freshman in college I convinced my English professor that a paper on the Salem Witchcraft Trials could be a college-type topic. Hey - he gave me a "B" & admitted it was interesting. I figured I'd won. :)

Doug says that Nurnberg's changed so much in the past 30 years, Uli, but hopefully enough will be the same that the boys will be able to visualize his childhood. I can't wait to see more of Germany - I've only been in Frankfurt and that...well...isn't the best representation of the country!


Oh my gosh, Mia - I didn't realize I had an "in" to China. :) And yes - Spain is definitely on the list. Doug & his Dad used to vacation there quite frequently. I can't wait to explore. :)


i always did my homework in front of the tv and although my parents thought it was wrong, they couldn't really say anything since i was an A student. to this day, i can't just sit and do something without some sort of outside stimulus. this morning during a meeting i pulled out my knititng and it actually helped me to concentrate on what was being discussed.


Maryse - I'm exactly the same way. I can't concentrate on just one thing without something else going on too - that may be how we avoid brain burn-out, eh? I tend to need visual stimulus - TV/Movie + knitting rather than, say, stereo + knitting.

Too weird. :::grin:::


In Jr. High, I wrote a paper about a person being buried alive. I remember the teacher's comments were something like, "inappropriate subject matter," "gruesome, but well written."

My daughter has discovered books, but she won't move beyond Harry Potter. Any recommendations along the same lines for a 7th grader?

I did Tolkien in 6th grade, but I flaked out on "A Tale of Two Cities."

Lisa in Oregon

Me to regarding Tolkien....I love the story's just not written in a way that captures me. I've tried several times throughout my life and that hasn't changed. I always feel disappointed and end up putting it down 1/4 of the way into it. Glad someone else feels this way, I never say this because, you know, it's Tolkien and everyone has such reverance!

me too re cool and a little damp. I consider myself a frog, not a lizard! Don't like too much sunshine either. makes me sort of sick, really. books....children mostly aren't into them either. I find this sad, but remind myself it can change. Only one, the 10 yo, seems to "get" it. She is reading Alice in Wonderland. It makes me quietly happy.

Big hugs Bron, hope you are doing GREAT! L

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