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December 20, 2004



My heart goes out to you. Don't worry about bumming your readers out. Death is a part of life. We'll all experience it sooner or later. It reminds us to make the very most we can out of every day...and to love on those around us while we can. Sounds like you and your Aunt shared lots of love.


Wishing a safe and speedy journey to your Aunt.So nice to have such good memories to cherish.
Take care,you speedy knitter you !


Sorry to hear about your Aunt, Bron. You have had a hard year, but 2005 will be much better! Happy knitting, Merry Christmas and a very happy New Year!


What Emma said - I couldn't put it any better than that - except I'll add my own hug.



It sounds like you have wonderful memories of your aunt. She won't be forgotten. Hugs to you, dear friend.


Thanks everyone. :) Yes - the memories are good and, at 94, the end of a long, productive life. It's definitely not a sad passing but it does bring home the fact that several others in my family don't have long either. Just a part of life, but sometimes life bunches up on you!


I sometimes get sad as I realize that a whole generation is moving on. The children of the early 1900's are going. Yes, they've had good long lives and have witnessed so much - but I can't help but feel my loss - what more could I have learned, what stories were left untold?

I'm glad you had such a wonderful relationship with your Aunt Evelyn. Her encouragement and praise will live on in your crafting endeavors.


it goes to show how important relationships are between the generations, and how sharing a love of crafts can bring people closer together - you are honouring her memory every time you spark a child/ young person's interest in knitting/ crochet



You're right, Marie - I think about the same thing. Those who lived through the "Roaring Twenties" and then the Depression are leaving us quickly. The "Greatest Generation" is also going fast and, like you, I wonder what else they could've shared while they were here.

Nat - That's a great way to view it - passing along the crafting passion to the next generation as a tribute to those who came before. :)

sandy belt

I love the green sweater you are gong to make with the Lavold what is it? I need to buy that pattern...Thank You Sandy

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