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  • Square Neck Tank top - knit

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  • Nantucket Jacket

  • Fish Bath Mat

  • Crocheted Triangles Purse

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November 21, 2004



I totally think they should be xmas presents! I made some like that too...I might gift them but probably not this year as I already have enough gifts...hehe.


While I personally wouldn't wear one I think they're very attractive. And would make a great gift. Why wouldn't I wear one? Well, we all know my wrists are delicate. Just kidding. I think they're fantastic.


I think you should give them as gifts. I LOVE the purple one!!!!!! I'll take one...heheheh They are gorgeous!!!


i think they look great too.


Yes, I agree that the bracelets would make wonderful gifts. They are quick too! I have never made any *sigh* because I already have too many hobbies! I will have to resist the temptation. Bron is so inspiring it won't be easy! If Tricia hadn't already spoken for the purple one I would have said I would like to have that one too. *wink* God bless. Margaret


P.S. Some people put a short dowel in the neck of dolls to give them stability. You might want to wrap some batting around it to hide it. Margaret



It may be major surgery on your elf doll, but Margaret has a good idea with the dowel for the neck.

BTW, I know you've said that Michael's can be expensive for yarn. Well, here in California Michael's has an insert in the Sunday paper with a 40% off coupon for any one item. Don't know if they do this in your area, but thought I'd pass this info along.

Take care, nice to see that you are back.



You already have enough gifts, Tifff? Get outa here, girl! (ha!) How did you manage that? I'm so jealous. Sigh.

Thanks, Larry - it's always important to get a male's opinion. :)

Tricia, Maryse & Margaret - Thanks for the input! I'm never sure if what I like is too weird for general gift-giving. That and I obsess constantly over gifts I give. I know you're not supposed to, but there you have it, I do! Sigh - maybe someday I'll learn to let go a little....but I doubt it.


Hi Theresa - Yes, we get that coupon too, and it's great when I just want to try out a particular yarn. :) Especially those that cost $6 or $7 per skein!

Thanks for seconding that dowel idea - I'm going to try it this week. I'm hoping if I just stick it down through the crochet into the stuffing it won't be too bad. Wish me luck!


I'd go with the bracelet idea, but like you, I'm a big girl and like my acessories not to disappear when I put them on.

This might be stupid, but would a couple of DPNs work for neck support? Because you could maybe work them into position without surgery?


It's quite elemental my dear Bronson. The braceletts are a hit! Love the amber ones.

Lisa in Oregon

Oooooh!!! Man, I wanna Hobbly Lobbly or wherever you got those to come to MY town!

They are great, Bron, and would make a nice present in my opinion!!!

I've been "out of it" and I'm late in saying it, but my sincere thoughts are with you in the loss of your dad.



I would love to receive a bracelet like that for a gift. So go for it!!!


Robbyn - I'm going to try the dpn idea - I just did a popsicle stick & it was no help at all!

Thanks Marie! I figured you might like them because of your own recent bead spree. :)

Thanks, Lisa - I know it's been difficult for you lately so I do appreciate the kind words in regards to my Dad. :)

sp3 pal

In case you were wondering, I haven't disappeared... I'm still reading, just haven't been commenting.

The bracelets are very pretty, though not something I would wear. When I saw them all together like that, though, the first thing that popped into my mind was that they (probably in a smaller version) would make gorgeous napkin rings... I can just picture a holiday table with a different color of gorgeous chunky shiny napkin ring at each place setting...

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