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November 19, 2004



Those mittens are very pretty and I can imagine working up something like that - but wouldn't the lace make them less warm? I guess these just wouldn't be the ones you wore for shovelling snow :)

Gald you're back; very glad you're okay - and your ribbon bag is just divine!

barb in texas

good to know you are back and things went smoothly (although i know sadly) in kansas-

this is entirely away from your blog topic today *but* go to
they have really affordable 100% wool for dye experiments- i've ordered some and will soon be coloring my kitchen with kool-aid-

stay happy-


I'm currently knitting up the Stitch Diva Art Nouveau Poncho in Crystal Palace Waikiki. Very easy, very fast knit.

Those vintage patterns are great. It really shows how styles come around again.


Awww, I'm so glad you like the patterns that I sent. I'm humbled that you posted pics and your thanks in public. ***blushing*** and it's not hot flashes. LOL I've been having a LOT of those lately. Read on the internet that this can go on for up to 5 years! YEARS???!!! God bless and keep you safe. Margaret


Robbyn - I would imagine that 1. the mitts were mainly for dress-up and 2. the lace is dense enough that not much warmth would be lost. They are defintely on my "to-do-after-Christmas" list...right after I finally finish your cabled mittens!

Barb, Barb, know I have no self-control. I'll go check out Knitpicks later on this afternoon. I had so much fun dyeing that Fisherman's wool, I'd love to have something else to play with. :)

I noticed you'd started Art Nouveau - I need to find some neat yarn for all these patterns. Of course nothing in my stash seems *quite* right. Guess I'll wait for Christmas cash & then go yarn shopping. :)

Margaret - I'm the one who's humbled that you'd send me such a lovely gift. It thrills me to no end when people enjoy my blog. Thanks once again!


Welcome back.

Congratulations on your win. Jennifer (aka Stitch Diva) has some nice patterns. She designed that cool corset in the newest VK, and she's been very helpful to me in the CAL I hosted for her floral poncho.

My patterns are everywhere. I really need to get them under control.

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