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October 24, 2004


barb in texasbarb in texas

enjoyed your magazine review- however, i am a sick person as i am smitten by the flipping horizontal cable on the housecoat (the cable *not* the sweater, jacket, whatever it is)- i'll get over it!

i still have a fondness for the paper dolls from my wasted youth but i could never imagine doing all the tedious work the scrapbookers do- i admire their finished products though- guess it is just one of those different strokes for different folks things-

stay happy-


I agree, Barb - that's a great cable and it's in a lot of patterns. I think I did it on the back of the "Many Buttoned Vest" in Folk Vests. I just wish they hadn't done it as a hem in chunky yarn in this incarnation!


Girl I have yet to hear whether you actually LIKED Van Helsing or not. The critics weren't impressed but critics seems terminally ujnable to recognize camp when they see it.

So - it it enough that Hugh Jackman's strutting his stuff?

Hehe - AGreed about the housecoat but like Barb, I just love that cable :)


I have the new VK, and though I'm not a VK fashion person, I like some of the ponchos, and there are some really cute bags in it.

That corset by Jennifer Hansen is goregous!

Thanks for posting a photo of baby sweater book. I know I've seen it before, but I'm not 100% certain that I have it, such is the state of the book stash. I'll take another look.


Robbyn - it's enough that Hugh is there. :::grin::: I liked "Hellboy" better, but I think that's because I've loved Ron Perlman since his "Beauty & the Beast" days on TV. I will agree with the critics & say there is probably TOO much action in "Van Helsing." There needed to be more rest periods! But it kept my attention & kept the boy's attention so I'd have to give it 2 1/2 stars.

After's Hugh!

Vera - I liked a couple of the ponchos too, but decided my entry was getting a bit long to mention them. :) The cabled one is pretty but that's a LOT of work for a poncho! I was thinking of the one done in the Landscapes yarn...hmmm....


Love the corset, but don't have the occassion to wear it.


I liked Van H. It felt like a wild ride; get in and hang on! I was so disappointed in The Extraordinary League of Gentlemen that when I saw Van H, it showed what they could have done with Extraordinary.


Yes, Deb - I'm not sure who would have occasion to wear it. Maybe the Hilton sisters. But I'd love to have it anyway!

Marie - I agree on V.H. - it showed what could've been done with "League." That was SO disappointing to me too. I adore Sean Connery & he was wasted. Sigh.


I'm looking for a copy of the Signa's bed cape pattern. I used to have one, but I have lost it somewhere. Can you help? My e-mail is thanks, Lucinda :)

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