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October 27, 2004


barb in texasbarb in texasbarb in texas

the natural conditon of our house might lead people to think that i keep it decorated for halloween on a year-round basis- your decorations are most interesting and that quilt is just wonderful-

we have rental property right near us and so far we've been very very lucky with the people who have lived there- i wish you the same-

stay happy-


Thanks, Barb - for the compliments & the good wishes. The rental is a huge step but we see it as investing for our retirement - never too soon to plan!


well you just cant do everything, now, can you? well, not all at once, anyway!
what a great quilt!


Lisa in Oregon

Hey, you got some of it up and out, right? Good enough. I think it looks awesome! I am more in the catagory Barb was describing...year-round-Halloween, snicker on me!

I hope the rental thing works out wonderfully for you...hoping that next door won't prove to be nerve wracking on you though. I would constantly be looking over there....the tenent would no doubt hate me in three days. :) L


although inside the house is looking much better, the outside still looks haunted. oh well.

beautiful quilt by the way. i love the colors.

and good luck on the rental property ...


What an absolutely ummy autumn quilt! What's the name of the block? Flight of Geese or something like that? Your color sense is outstanding :-) Good luck with the rental, too!


Umm, that was supposed to say "yummy" as in, well, you know! Slip 'o the fingers :-(


Wow, your quilt is so beutiful. I started quilting about two or three years ago. I made a quilt I never finished.... sewing doesn't seem to be my thing.
Happy Halloween and a wonderful weekend!


Thanks Lisa, Maryse, Amy & Marta.:)

Amy - the block is a variation of Corn & Beans (I think!). And thanks for the color compliment - I wasn't sure about the bright lavendar until the block were sewn together but it provided just the right "pop."

Marta - I seem to be only able to do one thing at a time, so when knitting took over my life, quilting went by the wayside! I a quilt that I've been needing to finish for over a year. Maybe this will inspire me to work on it a bit over the weekend!

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