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October 18, 2004



It's too bad the Sensational Shirtail doesn't fit the way you want it to. I think it looks lovely on you (and very nicely done).

It's nice to see another Farscape fan out there. I love that show (it's incredibly well written and acted), and I so wish they would make more of it series-wise. I'll be watching the second half tonight, too :)


I think the Shirtail looks great on you. I'm working on the Raglan sweater in Sally Melville's The Purl Stitch. It's going slowly because I keep starting new projects. However, it is a 2x2 rib sweater, and I don't knit Continental. I really don't mind the pattern too much, but the beautiful Kersti yarn by Koigu keeps me coming back.


Thanks, Leisel. :) I really did have to think twice about keeping Sensational or giving it away 'cause it looks ok on & I *did* spend a lot of time on it. But I know I'd always think "it should've looked like...." so off it goes!

Vera - Beautiful yarn makes all the difference, doesn't it? The yarn I'm using for the cardi is a no-name acrylic but it's SO soft & the colors are so pretty - I just have to finish!


Wow!!! Another Farscape, how did you like Part 2? Gosh I miss gazing at Ben Browder every week...*drool*

Oh, and the sweater? It's gorgeous too!




Hi Bron,
Beautiful sweaters!

What yarn is that purple/green variegated? I must have it, I love it!!


I followed Farscape in the earlier seasons, but the family overruled. Star Gate and SG Atlantis are my sci fi fixes that the family can tolerate. I think I've failed to pass on the sci fi gene.

The good news is that I turned them on to the X-Files. We'll have about 12 years of reruns to go through.


Mary - Oh! I know what you mean. Ben Browder is! Thanks for the "sweater drool" too. ::wink::

Hi Michelle - I got that yarn from a vendor on eBay - the old "BFuria" that's something else now. Let me do a search on eBay & I'll post in my next entry if they still have the yarn. It's really more lovely in person. :)

Marie - congrats on selling them on the X-Files. My kids were too little to watch the first time through (although they snuck in anyway.) We watch the Stargates, naturally, and I'm proud to say that Dylan inherited my Sci-Fi gene. Colin just likes scary/horror stuff - subtlety is lost on him!

Punch Bowl Attendant

I'm definitely feeling like I'm back in high school and it's the Monday morning after the kegger of the year, and I didn't go.

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