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October 29, 2004



Awwww what a sad story. I'm not a huge fan of fun fur scarves anyways...but I do like it in little bits on projects. You prolly coulda sold the boa...esp with halloween near...too bad ya trashed it. The americana scarf is cute!

Lisa in Oregon

I am not a fan of knitting with furry stuff. I HATE not being able to tell where the stitch is, or worse yet, if i've dropped a stitch until it's way too late to do anything about it. Shudder!

It has it's uses, I just don't like it! :) L


OMG Bron! I literally laughed out loud - I had heads popping up everywhere in the cubicle farm. (Don't mind me, I'm just surfing the web on company time.)

Anyway, I've had similar experiences - but I never 'fessed up to them.


Fun Fur -- what a contradiction in terms! Actually, I did make cute keyhole scarves for my mom 'n sis out the stuff, but warned them to give them a tug horizontally once they put them on to avoid the dreaded "stretch to the knees" syndrome that Fun Fur seems prone to :-)


I've *always* worked this stuff with a carry-along for stability (and so I could see where the next stitch was!). It can be fun, but it can be a right pain in the arse too :)


Let me answer in reverse order:

Robbyn - Yes, I actually *did* consider a carry-along from the first but decided against it for two reasons - I didn't want to spend any more $$ on these scarves and I think the light-as-air feel of the Fun Fur by itself is wonderful. I didn't mind knitting it, I don't mind crocheting it, I just think the finished product is quite over-rated. :)

Yes, Amy - short is best with Fun Fur! That way if it *does* stretch, it doesn't end up in the next county! Hehehehe

Glad to give you a giggle, Marie. I almost didn't 'fess up either (after all, I have my reputation to maintain!) but finally decided heck - this IS my reputation!

Tifff & Lisa - I agree - it has it's uses, preferably in little bits as an accent on a project, not AS the project. :::grin::: Live & learn, as they say!



confessions time: I actually knitted a cardi with similar *stuff* a few years ago, and could not the WS from the RS, so I just kept on going. I thought if I cant tell now and I am looking closely, I (and no one else) will be able to tell...

the same co released a softer silkier version, which they recommended doubling the amount of yarn for, so I was warned off by that! Never touched it again (although i have nothing against acrylics per se)



Oh dear, you are too late! I just purchased 2 skeins of Fun Fur to make scarves! I'm going to go ahead and make them and if they turn into boas that might be fun... for my new daughter-in-law. Will knitting them together keep them from stretching too much or would you suggest a stabilizer yarn? I bought the turquoise and will have to check my stash to see if I can find another yarn to put with it. Oh dear! Thanks for the heads-up!


I checked my yarn stash and I have some turquoise sport yarn that matches nicely. And here my hubby was complaining about my yarn "store." Will use the yarn along with the fun fur and see how it goes. Was your yarn Lion Brand? Margaret

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