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October 19, 2004



You're just going to have to jump into your caddy and come up for Stitches West, Feb. 10 in Santa Clara, CA. I did a mapquest and it's only 1,050.1 miles (16 hours).


You never know, just never know. :::wink:::


Oh what a seriously cute little coat! I can't say I've made many baby things, just one tiny aran sweater, but it was great fun :)

I missed the "event" because we bade farewell to our cable TV but I have the condolation that it will almost certainly go to DVD :)

Oh, and your Shirttail is wonderful and *I* think it looks great on you. Geez, some people are never satisfied ::snicker::


That crochet baby outfit is too precious. You did such a nice job.


Yes, Bron, do come up to SW! Jen and I will be there too. Already booked our flight and hotel room.


Thanks, Robbyn. :) I know, I know- never satisfied. It's the double-Virgo thing I have going. :::wink:::

By the way, I taped the 4 hours - you want a copy?

Thanks, Uli - I'd forgotten how much fun baby things are to make! Now - I need more people to start having babies. Hehehe

Well, Laura, I checked on flights just for fun & round trips start at $238. DH says "go for it." Hmmm...guess I'll have to seriously think about it!


Hi, Bron...

I watched Farscape last night, too. I think I only blinked during the commercials! It was just so good, and for all the reasons you mentioned! You should see the bulletin board at There is so much speculation! One of the big ones is... did D'argo actually die? We didn't see him dead, only that it looked inevitable that he would die. Maybe a plotline for future Farscape goodies (a couple of characters have come back from the dead before, so it could be).

Where did you read that "They say this was just another "installment" and more movies/specials could be on the way." I desperately hope it's true, but I've not seen anything even quasi-official that hinted at anything beyond The Peacekeeper Wars.

Punch Bowl Attendant

I'm definitely feeling like I'm back in high school and it's the Monday morning after the kegger of the year, and I didn't go.

P.S. Sorry for the double comment (1st was in day prior's post). Exemplifies why I don't get invited out much. I'm a goof.


Another Lone Wolf Knitter here who confesses she's part of the Farscape contingent. Wouldn't have missed it for the world. Watched every second, and (gasp) didn't even knit. More. I want more. -K.


What a darling baby jacket! Great job, chickie. Lucky baby recipient :-)

barb in texas

yes, that baby jacket is a real winner-

perhaps there are more of us who are 'lonely knitters' than i imagined- i know there isn't a soul who even recognizes a knitting needle within many miles of me and the few who crochet are just stuck on neon-colored granny squares from the pitiful selection of yarns i see available locally (locally, i laugh- it is still a 65 mile trip one way!)- blessings on the internet!


ok i'm a lone knitter too.. but also a very public knitter! i did the Rhinebeck thing but i think i was the only one knitting and walking - people thought i was weird.. but i can't bare to miss a second of knitting.. i think i knit more than i breath! my daughter thinks so!
and didn't get to see the sunday version but did watch it on monday and taped it too.. caught the very beginning and the very end.. so now time to snuggle down with the knitting and watch away this weekend! or maybe tonite..c an't bare to watch the yankees lose .. but then again i was sort of rooting for the red soxs cause they were the underdog.. well that has certainly changed! even steven! thanks for the read! karola


"Punch Bowl Attendant" - Marcia, you slay me. But yeah - a bitchin' kegger about sums up the left-out feeling. Good thing I have blogging buddies that were left out too or I'd be *really* depressed!

Yes, Kim - I agree...more, more, more! TV Guide says there will probably be more to come and I'm gonna hold 'em to it! Um - the Farscape producer too, for that matter. They're talking spin-off! Hmmmmmm....

I agree, Barb - the internet has been a godsend. No way would I meet not only other knitters around here, but ones who share my other interests as well!

Karola - Thanks for commenting! I'm surprised to hear you were the only one walking & knitting - I would've thought Rhinebeck would've been perfect for that. :) But I'm glad to hear there's another "Farscape Knitter" out there.

Gee, guys - we need our own webring. :::wink:::


Bron, the baby jacket is adorable!
Gee, I must have that book SOMEWHERE in my stash.


Would you please send me a photo of the cover of the booklet so I know what it looks like? That sweater is so adorable! Thank you so much for ALL your help. I do so enjoy your website!

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