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October 01, 2004



Sorry to hear about your car troubles. Been there, done that. But what a fabulous package you received today. Relaxing tea...just in the nick of time.

Your Secret Pal

Whew! So glad the package finally got there, and even more glad that you liked it! =)

Your Secret Pal

Oh, I forgot to answer your question... Yep, I did come up with the thread idea for stitch markers (and no, it's not really that hard). I actually did so because I've always been nervous that the wire kind would snag on the yarn around it... the rest is all just a bonus ;-)


Beautiful scarf! I love allure...I have some red put away slated for a project and I have a ball of green for another project...soooo soft.


Great idea with the stitching on the scarf. I guess the most difficult row will be the base row after the chain. You are becoming the queen of frou frou - that's kind of scary...How are you other two frou frou scarves coming along?

Those stitch markers are beautiful. I wish I could see a close up. As you will read on my blog later today, I've dabbled in beading in the last day or two (I can't afford another obsession...!).


Exactly, Roxi - perfect timing for a lovely gift! Thanks for the car sympathy - I'm sure we all can relate. :)

Yep SP3 - great for not snagging yarn too. I've had that problem with my stitch markers so I'm glad to have this nifty idea. Of course, I won't need to make any of my own for a long time since you sent so many lovely ones!

Tifff - Yes - I was really surprised & pleased at the softness - I thought the eyelashes would be harsher but everything was great. Now - if I could just afford a larger project!

Marie - I haven't purchased the yarn for my other 3 scarves. I'm not sure about getting compensated for the yarn price so I'm waiting for a sale on Lion Brand Fun Fur - they have the red, white & blue I'm looking for. :)

I'll take a quick scan of the markers & send it along to you so you can see them up close. :)


Love the knitting, love the dog...I have a Cardigan Welsh Corgi who is named Sherman because she must be the largest corgi ever bred! Her nickname sometimes is 'nonobaddog'

Tell me, does your adorable cardi love to get into the trash?

Thanks for posting the knitting info and the pictures of your doggie...loved them both!


Thanks Mary! It's great to hear from another Corgi person. :) Yes - Emma gets into the trash if she smells something in there she'd like to chew. She's terribly put out when I tell her "no" but she obeys me.

I just shudder to think what she gets into when I'm not around!


Sherman obeys me as long as I'm in the room with her...otherwise it's like there are no rules for her...she's been known to chew through backpacks and lunch totes to get what she perceives "goodies." She is way smarter than me I think!

But also so cute (lucky for her)...I think all cardis are adorable..

Will check in from time to time...I'm not a fast knitter, so I enjoy watching others' inspires me!

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