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October 22, 2004



I cannot BELIEVE she thought the effort of making a good dinner is the same of the effort put into a sweater...That's insane. Don't they realize if it was soooo easy, they'd be doing it? *grins* The shawl is so pretty, I don't blame your dog at all. lol


Happy Birthday Dylan !

Ah yes,dinner will cover it...NOT !
I made myself a promise last year to only knit for those that truly appreciate the time,skill,creativity,beautiful yarn and thought that go into my creations.That'll be me then ! :0)


Some people! I mean, ignorance is one thing but rudeness is another. It seems there are fewer and fewer manners all the's depressing.

Hope you have a great knitting day today and thanks for sharing that wonderfully sweet picture of Emma. What a doll :)


Wow... the height of ignorance, and rude to boot. At least your work is getting true appreciation from SOME people (and dogs ;-) . I should be getting your October package into the mail very soon (which is good, since October will be over pretty soon!) and it will hopefully take less time to get to you, this time!


haha -- how about a cook dinner for a month ...that would be fair. make the lady half a mitten for one dinner -- or a glove with only one finger ... i'll let you guess which one.



I know what you mean, Jenn. The weirdest thing was that she talked to me like that and we'd never met before! I can't imagine what she's like with friends & family. Grrrr!

Emma - you're so right. Even knitting these red/white/blue scarves for "family" is a stretch for me. Well...I'd make things for a few of my blogging friends - we all know what goes into a knitted item!

Thanks, Robbyn. :) Yes - I had a much better knitting day today. You're right - it was the lack of manners that bothered me the most. Sigh.

Hi SP3! Yes - rudeness is an epidemic these days but I can still count on my family (and dog!) to truly appreciate me. :::Grin::: Can't wait to see my next surprise - you did so well on the first I don't think you can top it.

Ha! Back at ya, Maryse. Yeah - one finger of a glove per dinner. I like it. Hehehehe


Yes, what a bitch indeed! I agree completely! Yes, i'm with the one finger of the glove. I (am learning fast that I need to) say to people either what you said or "come I'll teach you [for $xx an hour] how to make it yourself!" You'd probably get the same response! Grrrrr! Now I'm mad for you! Its a compliment I guess that you make it seem (to her, and to us) so effortless! Cheers and 'chin up old sport!'


Wow, cute kid and cute dog!!! Lucky woman!

That woman that accosted you sounds mentally ill...why would she talk to you and about you like that? I cannot believe how some people are...makes me angry just thinking about her...

Although, plenty of my friends and family have professed to thinking knitting is an easy and cheap way of bestowing unwanted Christmas and birthday gifts...for them I knit only scratchy woolen underwear...hee hee! They get none of the handspun, handpainted stuff...

I really enjoy your blog...thanks for sharing.


I see you've been busy, as usual. I thought having that job might slow you down .

Non-knitters (and even some knitters) don't want to pay what something is worth. I see it all the time, when I tell a customer how much I charge to finish a sweater. I had one lady tell me, "But I bought the yarn from you." As if purchasing the yarn included free blocking, seaming, and button bands. Sheesh.


Thanks for the moral outrage, Nat!

Scratchy underwear - I like the idea Mary. :) Glad you enjoy my blog.

I swear, Roxi - give people an inch & they take the proverbial mile. Sigh.

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