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September 20, 2004



Good looking guy! I had the same experience as a child. I was so startled (and near sighted) that I had a hard time,at first, eating with my glasses on.. food hadn't been in focus before. Even with that, my poor daughter was seeing 20/200 with her glasses ON before her last exam. Off to visit a fellow sock-knitter's blog!


Thanks Cyndy! Aw - your poor daughter - I feel for her. I'm really feeling bad that it took so long to get Dylan his specs, but as he says, he didn't know how bad it was until it was fixed!


Hey, I had that "aha! Those are individual leaves on the trees?" moment at age 38. Just for kicks I tried on my friends glasses at the bar. Yikes. I made an appointment and found out that I should not have been driving. I was below the legal limit. I had no idea. It just crept up on me.


VERY cool bag - short row construction? Looks like fun too :)

Don't feel bad about your son's vision - kids tend to assume that they see the way everyone else does. I was having problems when I was 6 but it didn't get caught until I was 8 or so because *I* didn't think there was anything unusual about it.


Great looking bag! I always wonder, though, how do you keep them from drooping when they're filled with stuff.

The new glasses are so cool. I want some just like that.

little black cat

so your brain hurts from trying to figure out where my mommy & I are? don't worry. my brain is confused. i take my morning nap and when i wake up, i am not in the same place!!! mommy knows where is going to so i just look out the windows and look at all of the new trees and birds that i can see. she said something last night about it is time to head somewhere else. i give up... so long as she makes sure that i have plenty of food and water and some fun toys, i am happy!


The sling bag is fabulous! You know my love for handpainted yarns - this one is just yummy. Looking forward to seeing the final product.

I had a similar as the boy with glasses in third grade - been in specs ever since.


Yes, Marcia - the Dr. said it's more prevalent than we think (eye-sight sub-normal I mean) and he also said that Dylan's is the age when kids start complaining of it. Guess you were a little late, eh? :::wink::: Seriously, though, good thing you tried out those glasses! Whew!

Yep, it's all short rows, Robbyn, and loads of fun to knit.

I'm hoping the lining will lend some stability to the bag, Larry, and I'm going to keep the straps fairly short so there's less sagging room. :) I'll pass along your glasses compliment to Dylan - thanks!

Marie - this is right down your alley. You'd love it. that I mention it, your B-day isn't *that* far away! I just got an idea...hehehehe


Your boy looks just so handsome with his glasses on! Thanks for mentioning my blog, and with cool in the same sentence - I'm enjoying blogging immensely.
Cheers :)

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