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September 21, 2004



Of the three scarves I've started from that book not one is done. But one is close. The Midwest Moonlight has about a foot to go. One of the others I can't find the balance of the yarn I need. The third one, a diagonal garter stitch is about half done. I just need some quiet time when I want to just zone out. I'm really trying to finish lots of other projects as well so I can focus on my Aran sweater.

little black cat

mommy's happy that you liked the present! i picked out the book. mommy has that scarf book too. she is making something that looks like ruffles from that book. i keep looking out the window and i am seeing something mommy says is corn out the window. i don't know where i am anymore. i hope you have a great day!!! it's time for my nap....

Lisa in Oregon

Just stopping by to say "ola!"

I know exactly what you mean about the glasses thing...only for us it was hearing. At around 10, my oldest said one day, "my ear hurts". Next day, same thing. Took her to the pediatrician...who glared at me and promptly sent us IMMEDIATELY to an ENT doc. Who also glared at me and said she had partial hearing loss in one ear because we had neglected to deal with her "worst ear infections I've ever seen....must have been going on for months!!!" I felt about 1 mm tall. Slightly restored when he tenderly asked child "that must hurt long has it been hurting??" and she looked blankly at him and said, "since yesterday." I STILL feel guilty...tho if she wasn't in pain how the heck was I sposed to know??? ARgh. I sympathize. As usual. :) L


Ooh, what a terrific Secret Pal you have! You've gotten some nifty stuff so far :-) And that scarf book looks awful intriguing ...


How cool - the mailman must be busy at your place ;)

that book should keep the scarf blahs away!



I'm glad to hear I didn't miss a scarf unveiling, Larry!

Lisa - Colin used to do the same thing to me. He had ear infection after ear infection so he got used to the pain. After awhile I knew that if he complained, it was bad!

Amy & Nat - you know that a scarf book has to be good for *me* to recommend it! ha!

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