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September 26, 2004



Yikes! Well, think of it as a REALLY organic look (chortle).

The yarn's really pretty though! Easter egg dye, you say? I'll have to remember that. And Melrin's grotto is a spiffy name!


Bron, your bag is lovely, and so is the yarn.

I guess it's worth the green hands after all.

wow - your imagination is only matched by your creativity!



Thanks everyone! (Yes, I know that anonymous one is you, Nat) The good news is the green is almost gone from my hands, the bad news is I left the yarn outside overnight & have no idea what it looks like all dry & set. Cross your fingers!

barb in texas texas

oh yes, that *is* a colorway and a very pretty one too-

experience with dyed hands has taught me that a day's worth of dishwashing tends to remove all the evidence of forays into the dye pot-

stay happy-


I'm sorry Bron, I can't stop laughing. Oh, the trials and tribulations to futher our craft!

Oh, and Mulder - yeah Baby!


Thanks, Barb - glad you like it. :) I'm glad the dye on the yarn will last longer than on my skin - ha!

Glad I could give you a chuckle, Marie. I was laughing pretty hard myself!


geez, I'd better not try and fool you, huh!

(big wink!)

dunno what happened t'my details - they usually appear!

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