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September 30, 2004



While I am very sorry for your misfortune, I must say, I laughed and laughed as I read this. (Men must be born with the gene that makes them think they always know more than a woman (except when it comes to childcare and cleaning). Hope the rest of your week, month, year, goes well. This is one of those experiences that you'll be telling people about for years to come!


Ah, the male ego. Our 17 yr. old German exchange student treats me the same way sometimes. I am a physician. One day he double checked (my husband is one too) when I told him he didn't have a fever. Augh.


Oh boy - what a day you had. Are you dry yet?

My ex-husband and I went through a very similar thing many years ago and it also, coincidentally, involved a battery from WM. Dreadful, frustrating and as close as I have ever some to screaming in public.

You did have a glass of wine when things settled down, didn't you?

Lisa in Oregon

Oh good grief. are a saint. The things I would have said when they figured out it was the starter....oh boy.

When men (even nice, good men like your hubby) don't listen about car makes me insane. There is nothing more aggravating than to have my observations dismissed...then confirmed by time, trial and error.

I repeat, you are a saint. After all you describe happened, I would STILL be ranting at him/them. ARRRGGHGHGHGHGHGH. L :)


Silly man ! You'd think he'd know by now that you are always right.
I try not to scream & shout [usually fail !],wait for the dust to settle,then ask "what am I ?'.The correct response is "always right'.!!!
Happy knitting. :0)


Oh my! What a horrid day! Is there any way you can get the guy who installed it to pay for the new starter? Cause it's not your fault he put in a bad one! His insurance should cover it...


Thanks, Cathy & you're right - this will make a great story to tell at parties!

I know what you mean, Cynthia - just boggles the mind sometimes how obstinate people can be. Of course - it's not only the men. ::wink::

No wine, Robbyn, but bed! I was exhausted and felt I'd earned my rest.

Hmmm..."Saint Bron" - I like the sound of that one, Lisa. Honestly, I understand why we had to go the battery route - try the cheapest solutions first & all that. But sometimes I'd just like to spend a few bucks on a tow truck FIRST and save myself 5 hours of hassle!

Cyber high-five, Emma - I feel the same way you do. If people would only listen to me, things would run SO much smoother. :::wink:::

Tifff - Turns out it *wasn't* the starter (but it wasn't the battery either - ha!) but normally you couldn't return the starter since it's electrical and they'd blame your car for frying it. Yeah - I know - makes no sense to me either.


Not trial by fire, but trial by soaking! Character building is not all what it's cracked up to be. However, you have a great story to tell the grandkids about the time Grandpa should have listened to you.


How frustrating! Good for you for getting through it all. Too bad to have to get another starter replaced.


A few years ago my husband's Cobra wouldn't start. I stood by as my husband looked under the hood, moved some cables, removed caps, and even slid under the car to take a peek. I was very impressed. He looked like he knew what he was doing. I wondered if we should try to push start it. No.
He called the tow truck. They hauled her away. Must be serious.

Garage called later. New battery. Anytime we have car problems now, it's "honey, can you look under my hood and call the tow truck?"


hmm yes, i tend to save on the words and just use a *LOOK* instead

how come all us women can so relate to your plight??? (my personal story relates to DH and I running out of petrol on a deserted country road late on a sunday night after DH PROMISED ME earlier that there would be another petrol station open along the way AS WE DROVE PAST AN OPEN ONE - not nearly as good a story as yours though but definitely food for thought)

but seriously, very glad to hear that you and yours are okay and that a sense of perspective and humour remained!


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