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September 19, 2004



wow - looks great! i must say that you are a trooper for getting through all that garter stitch - 9 feet of knitting - that that's a marathon, shawl-y! high tea - yum! Cheers for now -


Well, you're my new garter garment role model. I promised my husband his garter square afghan by football season and he's calling in his marker. I was able to get an extension to the first day it dips below 40 degrees. I have about 16 10-by-10 garter squares to go. Then I gotta sew em up.

Hip to be square? No. Hip to get this garter snake monkey off my back? Yesssssssss

Your Secret Pal

Oh, how very appropriate. =)


The new shawl looks really snuggly. It's getting cooler here, I had to break out my afghan to cuddle under.


Thanks Nat! On one hand I feel a sense of accomplishment, on the other I wonder why I did it!

Marcia...I like being a Garter Goddess..hehehe. Good luck with your squares - I'll be pulling for ya!

Hi SP3! Yes - the High Tea was the best. :)

That's why I'm glad the shawl is finished, Roxi - I'll be putting it to good use very, very soon!


Hi, Bron,

Whoa, nine feet wide on that shawl!! Good thing you used Jiffy yarn and not wool. I mean how would you block this thing if it were made of wool?? Would you use your garage door??? ;=)

Anyway, it should keep you plenty warm.



Tell me about it Theresa! I'd have to devote an entire room to blocking a 9' shawl. Sheesh. But you're right - warm & toasty just like a blanket...heck, it's big enough to use as a blanket! ha!

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