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August 24, 2004



yes, i have to agree with you about knitters - 12 months ago it inspired me a great deal - the last 2 issues have left me pretty cold. i'm definitely going to flick before buying the next one (the one you have just received - we are a bit behind here)

the poncho looks just great - how lucky is the person that is to receive it!



The Ponch looks great! What weight yarn is it that you used?


Thanks you two! I used Wool-Ease Chunky - 5 skeins total. :)


The off chance? I'm right here dearie..nice poncho (and you're very, very welcome) and I am totally with you on the fringe thing.


Stephanie! Hi!...ok...that's really weird. It's like I conjured you out of thin air. Hmmm...Let me try that again.... "On the off chance that Keanu Reeves would ever read this blog...."



Ooh, looks great and it seems like it was quick to knit too, what more could you ask for?


Love the poncho, too. The one I made was quite a bit shorter so it's easier to wear. Around here it's the look that matters not the functionality. I've got another one almost finished in a much different yarn. After I surprise my daughter with it this weekend I'll be able to post a picture.

Lisa in Oregon

Well big bummer about KNitters. I have been looking for it any day now at B& I hear it ain't so hot. Of course, I have to laugh at myself, I never *make* anything from the mags...they just inspire me. Funnily, the ADS are usually what really make my day! Silly, but true.

:) Nice poncho!!


Thanks for the poncho compliments, gang!

You know, Lisa - I end up *not* making much from the mags, but I look forward to see a few things for inspiration as you said. It's very disappointing to me to come up with zilch - especially in the fall issue which is usually one of the best!


Okay, I can be patient about the blue afghan thing :)

Signed -
Another Keanu Reeves fan...


I was wondering if you could tell me where you got the pattern for your poncho, I was searching everywhere for it, but couldn't find it. It's exactly what i've been looking for.

It's about time heh

Term Paper

I'm very thankful to the author for posting such an amazing post.

body detox

ho is complete:

Murphy's Knitting Law #45 - It will take more yarn to fringe a poncho than it will to knit one. Go ahead - after two trips to Hobby Lobby for more yarn - ask me how I know.

Two things I would change if I were making this for myself - make the body a wee bit longer

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