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July 30, 2004



Your mention of the Santa Fe Shawl has made me remember guiltily that I have not finished mine yet! I have been having so much fun with these hats that I have let it (and everything else I currently have on my knitting needles) slip my mind. For shame! I will have to skulk over and pick it up and give it the attention it deserves!!! Better yet, maybe I should join the Bad Ass Knitters! Then I won't have to feel shame and guilt! :)


It's been so long since I've been here, your comments forgot my name!

Hey! My computer's up and running so I'm no longer in blogland survival mode. (post and run).
I wasn't so krazy about Kerry as first choice, initially, but I too liked what I heard last night. And damn if that John Edwards ain't cute as a bugs butt. ::Looks like the prez was up crying all night, eh?::

I'm Jonesin' for the cover sweater of IK as well. The shawl too, which I will do full size in a bigger yarn (alpaca, I'm thinking). The pattern is very similar to the diamond thang I just finished. Very easy and the purling every other row makes it fly.

Lisa in Oregon

Bron.....I am so math impaired that geometry never blipped onto the screen of my mind. I would LOVE to hear what you ended up with pattern-wise on the poncho....I would be just pathetically grateful.


Gosh, Lisa - I've seen the caps you're making and can understand putting the shawl away for awhile. :) I'm thinking it's something about the shawl pattern that doesn't thrill either one of us. I mean, it's ok, but it doesn't make you excited to keep knitting, does it?

Marcia - LONG time no see. Wondered where you'd been hiding. Yes - I, too, will end up making that lacey scarf larger...although not shawl size I think. Just to cover a bit more of my shoulders. :)

I'm hoping You-Know-Who might be a wee bit worried after Kerry's speech last night. As quick as the Republicans were to start blasting it, it might have made some uncomfortable....

Lisa in Oregon - No need to be pathetically grateful....just a "Cool - I can maybe use that" will suffice. :::Grin::: I'm modifying my bed cape pattern so I'll definitely share the changes I make.


You are right about the shawl pattern. It is okay, but not all that exciting. And another thing that I don't like is that the yarn I used, Sonata in the color Ruby Cool has way more white in it than I originally thought. It just didn't come out quite like I expected. Another reason for the hat craze, they are small and compact -- it is just too dang HOT and HUMID here to have much knitting in your lap. I guess it sounds kind of funny me complaining about the heat to you who lives in NM, but hey -- yours is a dry heat, right?! ;)


Sure Lisa....a dry heat. :::grin::: Usually. Unfortunately, this year it's been terribly humid because we're actually getting more rain than usual!

Yep - you & I were both a little disappointed in the our yarn choices & the pattern.'s, like, TOTALLY not our fault that we didn't get the shawls finished. There! That's how a bad-ass knitter would rationalize it! hehehehe

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