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July 27, 2004



Looks great Bron!! They tell me the secret is to use lots of stitch markers, but I say feh. I use two (one on each side of the center stitch). That lace pattern looks awefully similar to the leaf lace! :-) Keep up the good work.


Yay for Old Dogs! That's a beautiful kerchief (haven't rec'd my latest IK yet), and I can see why you'd want to get right to it! It looks lovely.


Thanks Caren & Vicki!

Caren - I think you're right - more markers would just confuse me on this particular pattern. I do, however, like the middle marker - just to keep my bearings. :)

Vicki - I swear, when I finally get something through this old brain I feel positively cutting edge! ha!

I think this just *might* be a good Koigu pattern ...hmmmm.....


I have plans to make this in Koigu - not doubled though - it will be perfect.I think I'll make it larger.Once you've cracked the charts it makes reading your knitting so much easier.Don't be such a begrudging convert ! Just wait until you don't need the centre markers... !


Aha! Ain't it grand when something stands up and explains itself to you? I always feels just like the cartoon character with the light-bulb going off over his head! And I'm quite addicted to that feeling :) They don't call it en-"light"-enment for nothing, you know!


Emma - that's what I had in mind. I think I've finally found my "try Koigu" project. :::grin:::

You know - I'd be less of a grudging convert if I had a choice in the matter. I just resent patterns suddenly appearing with charts & you HAVE to learn to read them or else write out the pattern yourself. Having said all that, I never had a bit of problem with the most complicated crochet charts - go figure.

Robbyn - exactly. It was such a little, dumb thing but I was so proud of myself when I figured it out on my own. :)

Lisa in Oregon

The last time I tried a chart....was that stupid Cottage Sweater! Now, I can do color work by chart....argh. One of these days perhaps!


Lisa - you just never know when enlightenment will strike. But....NEVER beat yourself up about that damn Cottage sweater! The Devil herself couldn't have figured that one out. :::wink:::


That little scarf is so cute. It's one of the things that I want to make from that issue of IK too.
I just have so much else to finish up.


On the left side of this page there is a piece of a white crocheted doillie showing.
Can you tell me where I can get the instructions for it. It lookes beautiful.
Thanks Linda

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