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July 25, 2004



Wow ! Baroque is absolutely fantastic.You look fantastic,in a slightly gothy way !,in it.Great in that colour.
Fab !

Glad to see you solved your computer woes.It's amazing how much you miss it ! A bit worrying really. ;-] Having said that,knitters are few and far between round here,especially passionate knitters.Who else would I be able to share all this stuff with ?


Thanks Emma - it's all because of you! As I've said before, keep pointing out patterns you think I might be interested in - you've done very well so far. :)

Yes - it's scary how dependent I am on the computer. When I was contemplating taking it in to be repaired I was almost panicked at the thought of being without internet access for a week! No blogging! No commenting! No seeing/ordering new yarn! Aaaargh!

I'm glad I could save myself from the fire. :::grin:::

I must have a Baroque Jacket! It is gorgeous and I especially like your color choice. I'm sure you'll get lots of wear out of that little number.


Your Baroque Jacket came out great! It looks really good. :)
I'm glad your computer is working. I should be back on mine this week. Yay!


Hi Bron

the jacket looks lovely! and you are shrinking before our eyes! well done!Cheers


Oh and the only version of "Celebrate good times, come on" I know is by an Australian group called Dragon, and it is very very old! (but i'm sure te other version is good too!) Cheers



'Nuff said.


Thanks everyone. :::big smile::: I really am pleased with it!

Nathalie - Never heard of "Dragon", but we don't hear much about Aussie rock groups in America (or anything else Aussie for that matter!) - Kool & the Gang did their version sometime in the 70's. :)


Woo hoo! You rock, girl! The jacket is gorgeous and your weight loss is apparent :) What a beautiful way to show off your slimming figure :)

Love the colors in your Pueblo shawl as well. I bet that's a REAL eye-opener when it's done.

Hell with Anne Rice - she can write a good story but she can't write a good ending to save her life. Don't you think it's about time Albuquerque had a little Goth enclave of its own? :)


Thanks, Robbyn. :) You're so right about Rice - like so many authors she started out so well and after a succession of books became derivative and formulistic. Guess I need to go find a nightclub, paint the walls black & throw some cobwebs around...those I can get from MY house. :::wink:::

I'm not sure whether I'll wear the Pueblo Shawl or use it as Autumn decor. Ha!

Beautiful Jacket, Bron.

Glad you got your computer up and running.

Not too sure about AOL, though. Their pop-up windows and screens inside screens made me crazy. Plus, they seem to use a lot of proprietary software (ex. for the email)



The Baroque jacket is gorgeous! Major kudos to you! :-)


Thanks Theresa & Pam. And Theresa - I know what you mean about AOL - pop-ups were a MAJOR factor in me leaving....I've just had the trial for a few days & it doesn't look like much has changed!


Great job on the jacket!! Question for you! I'm working on it too and am stuck on the "Back" part... where do I start it?? It says to attach in 16th ch sp from the right of the work on row 18. I assume that means the 16th sp from the collar panel? or is it 16th sp from the edge? And is it the 16th space meaning 16 ch3 spaces or just count 16 chains?? I never start it in the right spot!!! Help!! I have photos of the area if that helps! Please help!!!


Lovely Baroque Jacket and your work is so neat and inspiring.

I want to try it with thread. Do you think it'll be all right ? Can you give me a rough idea how much yarn did you use (in yards/meters) ? It would be really appreciated as I am ordering yarn and I don't want to have to reorder later on.

Thanks a ton,


Hi! I was considering ordering the pattern.
Looks awesome on you!

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