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June 12, 2004



It's a beautiful mitt.Quick,knit the second one !

Some people are just out for a fight & to stir it up.I find that a lot of those same people talk a lotand do very little.Opinionated is o.k.,especially if the opinion is informed.Being a loud mouth bully in order to appear witty isn't so impressive.That's my opinion anyway !
So,write about whatever you like,and belong to whichever group you like.It's your blog after all.

Sorry to read about your fatherThese situationa are always hard.

Yes,lets swap again ! :0)


Hi Bron! :) I love the fingerless mitt! The color, the cable! wonderful! And lonely! One is the lonliest number, you know!
I figure, re: the controversy, if anyone doesn't want to read a blog, it's pretty simple, DON"T READ IT. No one forces any of us to tune into any blog. We will migrated towards the ones that personally interest us. None of it is wrong, just not for us. What is wrong is judging others for something one doesn't approve of. But.....I stand on my soapbox.
Sorry to hear of your father's difficulties! I hope he gets well soon. As well as well can be!


As we used to say on our (seems ancient to me know) Quantum Leap Ladies mailing list, GTs (that's "Good Thoughts" headed your way for your dad!

P.S. The Mitt looks terrific.


I like your opinions, Emma. They so often coincide with my own. :::grin::: Yep - I cast on the for the second one & am moving along. I think I'm getting this double-point stuff whipped into shape. :)

Sandy! Long time no see! I've been keeping up with you, though, and your Charlotte trials & triumphs. Thanks for the sympathy re: my Dad. We're just trying to muddle through the best we can. :)

Thanks to you too, Caren. He's improved considerably so now we need to make some long-term plans. :) Re: the mitt - now I can't wait for winter & a chance to wear them!


Harry Potter! How cool! Cant wait to hear what you have to say about it!

The mitt looks great - its good to have a small project on the needles for that quick gratification and for when chasing small children around the yard!

as to your social opinions, hmmm, yes, have to agree with you and your commenters again!



I think I read the original "offending" post when it was hot off the press and there was nary a comment. I do recall thinking "someone may have stepped in some puppy purl here" but then forgot about it. I went back after seeing references on other blogs. Holy shit! I still don't understand the concept of "acceptable standards" (and judgment thereof) for knitblogs.

Your mitt looks gritt!


I'm glad you cast on for the second mitt; we don't want that Michael Jackson (one glove) fashion going on.

Safe travels to KS. Hope all is resolved to everyone's satisfaction.


Thanks Nat - Yeah - "Prisoner" was cool - although, like all true fans, I've got some nits to pick!

I know, Marcia - you turn your back for a day in knitting blogdom & something explodes to epidemic proportions. Tempests in teacups, eh?

Ha! Michael Jackson - hadn't thought of that one. :::shudder::: Thanks for the good KS wishes. As you said, I'm just hoping for a peacefull resolution for all involved.


Sorry to hear about your father. Hope he is recovering.

I believe a one subject blog (be it for knitting, politics, dieting, etc. etc.,) sounds pretty one dimensional. You have a life outside of your knitting, now don't you???


Hi Theresa - thanks for the good wishes. And I agree - all knitting, all the time gets pretty boring (for me, at least.) I think the "outside" life of a blogger adds so much to his/her knitting.


I'm having serious health concerns about my dad right now too. See, Bron...if you didn't mention it, I wouldn't know. This is what makes us real to each other. That, and second mitt/sock syndrome!! Forget the nail polish...just get it on the needles.:)

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