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June 27, 2004



that looks so good Bron - hey, so is the gal inside the FO as well!! way to go! Cheers :0)


Well, this looks wonderful! It is certainly an object lesson for "what to knit" to make you look great. As a blog ring reader, it really seems to be true that we all knit "too big"! You look just great in that size and there is no question that the lace would not have looked as wonderful with 46" of it! It is just lovely and perfect in every respect, from design, to sizing, to execution. I must keep repeating, "Knit smaller, knit smaller..."


There are no words. It's amazing!!!! Love it!


It looks wonderful (no surprise there)! And you look wonderful! How many pounds have you discarded now?????


Thanks Nat!

:::blushing::: Thanks, Pubah. It's not *quite* perfect - there are a few of those "galloping horse" mistakes, but it's close enough for me. :::grin::: And yes - I think most knit "big." I'm thinking it's tied closely to body-image - we automatically try to hide what we think are flaws. It's hard to overcome the feeling. Sigh.

Aw, shucks Caren & Robbyn. You're great for my ego. :) I've lost about 35 pounds now, Robbyn - I'm almost halfway to goal. I can't imagine what I'll look like with another 40 to 45 gone. Guess I'd better dig out my "skinny" pictures & prepare myself. ha!


That cardi looks stunning on you! And 35 pounds - you go girl!


You look fantastic!!!! All your hard work (on the sweater and *you*) really shows! You can't see me, but I'm turning cartwheels over here in San Diego :-)


I love how your lace cardigan came out. It's beautiful, even though it's a little more snug than you thought. I think it fits great!


Wow! Bron, you look so skinny!! You look great! And the Cardi is just gorgeous!


Totally fab !
Looks marvellous on you.


Thanks Marie, Amy, Eilene & Lisa. :) All this praise really motivates me to finish something else! But seriously, it's always great when something turns out the way I wanted it to - it seems like I can always find fault with almost every finished project. I gotta stop nit-picking!

And a big *thanks* for the weight loss kudos. Meridia is getting it moving again so I'm really feeling hopeful that another 40 can come off. It's a long road, though, so it's nice to hear positive feedback. :)


Great looking FO. I have, well, monkey arms, and everything is too short in the sleeves. I have grow to love the 3/4 length sleeve look. covers the elbows, doesn't get in my way while working on spreadsheets, etc.


Thanks, Kim. Yes - I know all about monkey arms & actually enjoy 3/4 length sleeves. Just once in awhile it's nice to have something actually reach to my wrists! ha!

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