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June 11, 2004



Cute mitts! Nice cable definition, chickie. Love the color, too. I'd definitely purchase that pattern from Roxi when it's ready. Hey, you have a new role: Bron Green, the Chuck Yeager of Test Knitting (knitting by the seat of your pants, on the edge of the envelope, etc. etc.)!


Hehehehe...but do I have to wear a flightsuit? Those big old gloves might make holding knitting needles a little tricky.


I hate to say 'I told you so' about the dpn's ... :0)
Want some cool German sock yarn ?


Bron, you can't cave. Non-sock-knitters unite! I always admired your stand again sock knitting and I was happy to ally myself with you - Oh, what will I do when you move to the dark side???

May you flounder aimlessly on the planet of lost socks!


Love the little mitten pattern. Very nice job. Socks aren't so bad and neither are DPN's :-)) But to each their own. :-)) I for one love seeing all the cool patterned socks, cabled socks, lace socks but when I try to knit one, I may or may not enjoy it. I love doing the simple when it comes to socks.

Listen, about your post yesterday. Good for you!!! I think living your life is about having your opinion and respecting that of others. So vent if you have to. I enjoy people for whatever they have to offer even if their beliefs or views don't match up with mine. What I truly hate is intolerance and people being mean to each other, putting each other down or what someone chooses to write on a blog. I stumbled upon some "blog nastiness" around and that really bothers me. We all need to respect each other and we'll all get along. Okay, so maybe I just wrote what I wanted to write in my post today and didn't have the guts to put out there.......

You go girl........ it's your blog. I'll come back to read it.


Emma - Thanks so much for the yarn offer (in fact, we need to have a swap soon!) but I'll pass on the sock yarn right now. I'll admit that dpns are no longer my enemy but we still aren't exactly bosom buddies!

Marie - Don't worry - just 'cause I *can* make socks, doesn't mean I will. Our united front is still safe. :) I just can't get past all that work for something that's usually hidden by shoes & then worn out!

Thanks Uli. :) I've really been amazed at the positive reactions to what I wrote - whether the reader agreed with me or not, almost everyone upheld my right to say it. That just points to the maturity and level-headedness of most of my fellow bloggers.

As for the mitt - I'll have a nice pic of the finished article soon - I'm really having fun with it.


Thanks for testing the pattern for me, Bron. Wow, you're quick!


good for you Bron - your pic looks just great
thank you for sharing great links to other knitters sites! i'm going to start visiting some regularly (and the others i already do)


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