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June 14, 2004



I loved the movie too (it is my favorite book of the series as well), but I also found the choice of things left out as odd. They never discussed why the friends (Sirius, James, Peter) became animages. Nor did they mention that James took the form of a stag, although when Harry did the spell against the dementors it took the form of the stag.
I completely agree about Return of the King as well, but I loved the last hour.


Exactly, Nancy. I was going to mention the animages/Prongs/stag thing but figured I was getting long-winded. They didn't even say that the map was from the 4 friends! As I said, they could've added 5 minutes to the movie & cleared some of those things up. Grrrr!


I missed the permission slip moment too. Maybe it will appear in the beginning of Goblet of Fire instead. I'm definitely looking forward to that one. RE: the lace cardi. Which pattern is that? I love it!


Lace Cardi is looking just lovely! And what a good girl, doing 2 sleeves at once? I wonder who inspired you to do that ::wink::

re: Harry Potter, book vs. movie. I only saw the first movie, but have read all the books. I've never felt a burning desire to see the rest of the movies. Note sure why -- I guess I've built up my own version in my mind and don't want it spoiled!

p.s. I'm sorry to hear about your father. I hope your visit home goes as smoothly as possible.


Lace cardi's looking REAL good - you're just a demon with those needles!

We're going to be seeing the film before long and I'm looking forward to it too, though I expect to shed a few tears over the missing Richard Harris. I did love him - remember "MacArthur Park? Poor Michael Gambon - talk about a no-win situation!


Caren - Yes - I can't WAIT for Goblet of Fire. But I guess we have book 6 to look forward to first!
The pattern is from the April 2004 Knit N'Style magazine. I think I found a gem in middle of mostly yuck!

Thanks for the good wishes, Amy. Things are going downhill fast with him - even more decisions to be made next weekend. Sigh.

Hehehe - now I wouldn't dream of doing one sleeve (or front!) at a time. You made a convert outa me!

Thanks, Robbyn :) I think the sleeves are going fast 'cause now I can do this pattern in my sleep! - yes, Harris was always one of my favs...along with O'Toole, Burton, Gielgud, well, the list goes on. Brilliant, the lot of them.


Yep, in our house the advantage of DVD is being able to moan whenever Liv Tyler came on the screen "AbsoLUTEly -- let's add a plot that wasn't in the book! Otherwise this sucker might come in at under three hours, God forbid!"

The cardi's classic.


1. Although I love Peter O'Toole, I'm glad he isn't in the role because it would drive my husband insane. He dislikes Peter O'Toole's acting habits, which are very "of the stage" (which my husband isn't into). I could take or leave Richard Harris, but I do like Michael Gambon! Alas, Dumbledore wasn't written as quirky as the first two films. The joy for me was seeing how Dumbledore properly distracts Fudge. Hilarious! "It's a very long name..."

2. Too much was taken out to make the film shorter. I wish they put in more backstory (Maurauder's Map, more information about the relationship between MWPP, stuff like that). Supposedly, some material from Book 3 will make its way into Film 4, but how they would do it (and without making the film mega-long) is beyond me.

3. Mm. I love it darker. The acting was so much better; I loved the new secondary characters. David Thewlis is my new favorite actor!

4. "Return of the King" was very painful for me to watch. All the promise that the first two films had wasn't delivered. It was too long in some spots and not long enough in others (Houses of Healing? Anyone?). Still, the peformances are wonderful and I can't wait for the special edition to come out this fall.

Knitting content: Mm. Lace cardi! Lookin' beautiful!


Rams - you're SO right. It added insult to injury to "improve" on the original.

Iko - Yep - I agree with you on all points. (Except O'Toole & Gambon, and that's a mere quibble ::Grin:::)

Thanks to both of you for the cardi compliments - I choose the pattern thinking it would never go out of style. :)

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